Smartthings Zigbee Siren

Hi everybody. This is my first topic and request for help to this great community.

Honestly I’m becoming frustrated with Hubitat and lack of integration to many of my devices (Wi-Fi, Smarthings devices, others).

I have 3 Smartthings Zigbee sirens and I’d like obviously to integrate directly with HE.

Everytime I pair the device with the hub, it finds a DEVICE.

I tried with a user driver from @gabrielle for Generic Zigbee Sirens, but with no success.

Has anybody managed to make this siren works or has a driver that could work?

Looks like a standard Tuya device. See if this works?[RELEASE] Tuya Smart Siren Zigbee driver?

Hey @rocketwiz thanks for the message. I tried this driver as well, but I could not manage to turn on the siren. The strobe worked for a few seconds, but no siren. I don’t care about the strobe, but the siren I need for my security routines.
It was really easy and straightforward to pair it with Smartthings and I was hopping to use it with HE as well.
They are great sirens and really affordable.

Any other ideas ? I’d appreciate.

Try resetting and re-pairing the siren, while pairing grab a screenshot of the info and post it here.
Should be something like this:

TYST11 -d0yu2xgi- ZigBee Siren info

With the fingerprint it may be possible to add your siren to an existing driver.

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Hey @Ranchitat thank you. This is the pairing info I got

You might need to go to Hub owners - Hubitat , join the group and then you'll be able to post pics. :grin:

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Just fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:. Please have a look on the pic I posted.

@Ranchitat does that make sense to you?

Hmm, doesn't look good. :slightly_frowning_face:

Does this match what you have?

SZ-SRN12N Siren link

That’s the one, yes. I saw that post, but there was no reply.
Damn, seriously.. I’m getting frustrated. I have these 3 sirens in different points of my house and I hate to think I won’t be able to integrate them, even they being Zigbee. :rage:

I don’t get why the Generic Zigbee driver won’t work.

Sorry, not much more I can do.
But in case someone more knowledgeable comes along... @kkossev
Here's a link to the deconz thread that may be helpful. :man_shrugging:

Try this?

This siren, although based on Tuya SoC uses the standard IAS zone cluster 0x0500 and IAS WD cluster0x0502 for control, it will not work with the Tuya-specific drivers.

Sercomm SZ-SRN12N could work with some of the Hubitat inbuilt drivers, have you tried the Frient Smart Siren for example?


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Hey @kkossev I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks for the tip.

Also remember that anytime you change a driver, after you click save, you MUST click configure..

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@kkossev and @rlithgow1 I tried the "frient Smart Siren" driver, but it didnt work either. I also clicked in CONFIGURE, as you said @rlithgow1 but nothing afterwards.

Any other driver that can potentially work with Sercomm SZ-SRN12N? Worst case I will get rid of them and replace with Aeotec Siren Gen5. I did not plan to replace so many devices when transitioning from ST to HE :frowning:

I appreciate everybodys inputs. I was not expecting a lot of help honestly, but you guys were kind to suggest some ideas to solve my issue.

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Probably @mike.maxwell can help, here is the Sercomm SZ-SRN12N detailed info.

@mike.maxwell I’d appreciate any insights. Thanks