Smartthings Zigbee Siren

unfortunately this isn't anything i can look into right now.

Okay, I understand @mike.maxwell could you maybe recommend somebody that could have a look?

@bcopeland hey Brian, is it something you can have a look? I’m trying to find a driver for my ST Sirens. You helped some other users with other sirens. Thanks in advance.

Can somebody provide some ideas? Thanks in advance.

For niche devices like your sirens lots of people go with multiple hub systems.
@SmartHomePrimer runs multiple hubs. :smiley:
It might be best to set up something like Home Assistant to get your sirens into Hubitat.

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Thank you for the tip. I was thinking about HubConnect. But for a newbie like me, the connection seemed really complicated and not straightforward. Home Assistant would solve it, but to be honest I had hopes I would not need anything else besides Hubitat; plus I’d retire the ST :worried:

I run HA and Hubitat for most stuff. HA primarily brings devices in and doesn’t do much else. That’s not to say I don’t take advantage of their automations too when I need to solve a connectivity issue that would otherwise be very complicated or impossible to solve.

I also run a Hue bridge, but that is by choice, not necessity. I run a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro because Picos are a big part of my home and they can control anything. I run an Insteon hub because I prefer their dimmers to anything else. I’m running Homebridge for HomeKit, which makes it simple to use the same computer to also run the Insteon server software needed to integrate their hub with Hubitat, and thus HomeKit and Lutron.

A single hub will work, but you will always run into roadblocks. With a multi-hub setup, I really don’t have any limitations to what I want to accomplish.


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