Smartthings to Hubitat Migration questions

I think one of the things you have to remember is this product is still in its infancy. (I think so anyway).
I'm in the UK and when they released it to Europe I got one. That was in March 2018.
10 months ago.
It has come on a long way since then.
Can it do everything I could do with ST? No. But I think, and hope, it will.
I have got things working so that I have everything I did with ST. Albeit somethings are a bit convoluted at the moment.

One thing I will say is my home router crashed when I was away last summer.
I couldn't get into my RPi or the HE dashboards to see what was going on. When I got home everything had still carried on working. My curtains opened and closed, my lights turned on and off and my away rules for random lights being turned on and off to look like someone was in the house, worked OK. On ST I would have been dead in the water.
So for me, the current deficits are far out weighed by local automation that I know will carry on working on my current set up.

Just my observations on the product and I know everybody's needs and requirements are different and this is not in any way saying things are perfect.

I think you may find after you get into HE you will find that there are ways round most things.
Enjoy............ :wink:

BTW. It may seem like I'm in HE sales but I'm just an average, non-coding, retired old git who loves playing. :smile:

Now, where did I leave that bottle of red!!!! :wine_glass:


Local push notifications don't exist...

Device control is local. That's the whole point.

I am using Smartthings, Philips Hue, Logitech Harmony together with many integrations like Google Assistant , Sonos, Amazon Alexa etc for a loooooong time.
So, yes, I know what a hub is.
Also, I am a network proffessional. I knew what a hub/bridge/router/switch is even long before "smart home" term was defined.
Besides, I am also a developer, and I understand to create something in the center of others.
But in "smart home" concept, there is no "one uniq method" of doing things.
Some people may prefer to have one control point with less integrations. Some may prefer to have as much integrations as possible.
on the other hand , strong side of Hubitat is that it is not controlled through a cloud.
And that is the main reason I am moving to Hubitat from ST.
So , I prefer to have less (very few) cloud communications and if possible zero 3rd party clouds required for functions that are available on ST builtin.

and there is still no explanation of "why we don't have a RGB dimmer on the native dashboard ?"

anyway, most of the issues are solved with built-in Maker API and 3rd party clouds now.
*Maker API is good !

my remaining problem is ;
using camera devices. I need to take photo from IP Camera device when a door opens.
is there any Camera driver ?
can I use the DH from Smartthings ?
(I guess not because it saves the photo to ST cloud with proprietary ST command)

No camera integrations that I know of. You might be out of luck there, unless your camera can take a snapshot based on command from ifttt, Alexa, Google home, or a simple http command - then you might be able to rig up something.

my camera can take a photo with http get/post
I don'T need ifttt or something to do that.
I can write my own driver.
However, I need to get the photo and save it somewhere.
if this is not possible with the Hubitat environment, then this feature of camera is useless.
will it be possible in future ?

Look in the Show Off Your Dashboard thread and see how many Weather Maps you see. Those are all done by http of an image file. You size and place a tile and Then for Device, leave it blank. For Template, pick image, and a third field will appear. Paste in the URL to your image.

To Generate and SAVE the image however is a task of something else. It's not a Hubitat task.

Take a look at Blue Iris and this community integration. It might help handle your cameras.

The point is a lot of these in ST are cloud integration. ST’s cloud talking to other people’s cloud. These can’t be implemented on a local only basis.

Device control can be implemented locally though, ST has a few devices that allow this but HE can control almost everything this way.

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