Smartthings to Hubitat Migration questions

Well, I received my Hubitat hub just today and now trying to migrate from Smartthings.

I already integrated:

  • Hue bridge
  • Harmony Hub
  • Sonoff switches
  • H801 RGB switches
  • Sonos speakers

before going on with my zigbee/zwave devices (original Samsung presence, motion, contact sensors , outlets and Zwave Thermostat, Danalock lock, Zwave Siren etc. ) , I would like to take some other steps to achive some comfort complying to Smartthings:

  1. is there a room concept at Hubitat ? If not, how can I group my devices ?
  2. how can I achieve a mobile dashboard filled with all my devices (grouped by room) on my Android device ?
  3. is it possible to add IP Cam devices to take photo when a motion event occurs ? where are the drivers for IP cameras ? (foscam mainly)
  4. what is the best practice for migration of Zwave/Zigbee devices which can only connect to one controller at a time ? While still migrating, how can we make them available on both hubs ?
    is this the correct app :
    [RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0

thanks for all your answers. I'm sorry, probably all of these have been discussed partially in some other thread but I am not able to find them all at once. And I am in a hurry to migrate as soon as possible.
maybe you can just point me to the correct thread for some of the answers...

No. Use a naming convention so that the default alphabetical sorting does that for you.

Create a Dashboard in the App and there at the bottom of the app is a link to both the Local URL and to the Cloud based URL. Pick the cloud URL and save it (bookmark at the very least.)

You can add static photos to the dashboard yes, and have them be pseudo static elsewhere. Presumably your Cam vendor's software does this, you just have to use it's URL in a dashboard tile.

The Other Hub App is great for bidirectional. But if all you're needing is to have Hubitat "touch" the SmartThings device, the native, builtin app Link to Hub, is better.

Yes, that's true enough :smiley::smiley:

But that seems like it is for sending events from Hubitat hub to other hub.
I want to continue using automations on ST while I continue migrating devices from ST to Hubitat.
So I think, I need to access migrated devices from ST hub.
Would "Link to Hub" do this ?

Actually I don't want to show static photos from my IP Cam on the dashboard. What I want it to be able to take (shoot) photos on a trigger (motion detected on motion sensor, or contact sensor open)
Would it be possible to use the IP Camera groovy code from ST hub ?

how can I group them by room on the dashboard ?

Make a separate dashboard page per room. Or multiple if you can't fit all the devices.

Make a top level 'main menu' dashboard to link to all those room dashboards you want.

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ok. will do that.
btw, isn't it possible to make a dashboard with scroll feature ?

and which template should be used for a RGW bulb ?
I couldn't find a color selection on any of the templates

No, it is not. No scrollable dashboards currently.

Can do it in SharpTools though, but that isn't free any more.

I don't do rgb bulbs - so can't help you there. Might not be available yet, if I remember correctly? It is in SharpTools.

Use the "Other Hub" community developed app. You can reset the device without doing an Exclude on ST, this will make it available to pair to HE while ST still thinks it's there. Then after pairing, add it to the Other Hub app, and it will replicate a virtual device back to ST. Replace the original device with the new virtual device in all of your ST automations, and now you have the physical control happening in HE while the automations continue to run on ST. Pretty common migration tactic.


I had paid for mobile sharptools app.
is it available for Hubitat ?
I mean , can I integrate tasker tasks with Hubitat devices using sharptools ?

@JasonJoelOld is referring to the dashboards (forum topic).

The SharpTools Tasker plugins aren't available for Hubitat yet, but you can use the Hubitat Maker API (built-in Hubitat app) along with Tasker to control devices and get the status of them via HTTP endpoints.


ok. there are other dashboards available. (Housepanel) , using another dashboard is something we can do.
but I am more interested in a Tasker integration.
How do we use the Maker API ?
is there a tutorial explaining with examples ?

edit: OK ; I think I got it. in any case, if there is a tutorial, I'd like to read , because I'm not sure if what I did on Tasker is the best method.

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btw, I was advised to use "Pushover" for notifications until mobile app is released.
but I can't find settings for it on my hub.
where is it ?

It's a device driver. Create a Virtual Device and choose Pushover. Once you've created the device, you'll see options for adding your Pushover API Key in the device preferences.

Edit: Like he says below. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Create a Virtual device and select Pushover driver for type and save.
Then go back into the virtual device and put in the API keys for your pushover account.

Ha. Just like he said above. :smile:

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ah I see.
Pushover is an app on Android and also it is a paid one.
Ok. but this isn't something to replace Smartthing's mobile app notifications.
It runs through some 3rd party cloud...
(I was advised to use this while waiting for the mobile Hubitat app release)

It's a service for getting push events to your phone. If you want to be able to react to events from Hubitat on your phone, then something like Pushover or Pushbullet are good approaches.

Both Pushover and Pushbullet have Tasker integration.

Even when the Hubitat app comes out, they'll likely have basic push notifications in place, but not direct Tasker integration. Granted, you could still use something like AutoNotification to intercept the notification from any app, including Hubitat, and do what you want with it.... but I find having a native Tasker plugin like Pushover and Pushbullet support to be convenient.

Correct. A one off life time fee.

I'm not really sure what you mean by this, but when you configure everything up, you select pushover and then send the message to your phone/device.

As does Smartthings.
If you want any sort of notification to be delivered to you when you are away, it has to use the cloud. This set up also uses the cloud when you are at home as well. (Just like ST).

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actually I am using Sharptools + Tasker for my ST hub.
I will still prefer Sharptools (not only because I have already paid for it but also I am used to it)
And built-in Maker API is good for direct Tasker integration.

For push notifications, I prefer to have it also built-in to the mobile app.
So it seems mobile app is still unbeatable and "not replaceable" by anything...

btw, why don't we have RGB dimmers on dashboard ?
why do we need everything to be 3rd party ?

  • notifications : 3rd party over Pushover
  • dashboard with RGB dimmers : 3rd party over HousePanel or Sharptools
  • mobile app : not available, try solutions with 3rd party
  • mobile presence : 3rd party with 360 something...

but in ST case, it is ST cloud. not a 3rd party vendor's cloud. (I know ST also runs on AWS but still ST is responsible for it)
I am migrating from ST to Hubitat because I don't prefer cloud.
And now I have to deal with even more cloud...

I'm wondering if you understand the concept of a Hub... It's the thing in the center. The thing that makes disparate things work together. :smiley:


Because this platform is still really new and they are working hard but it takes time? The fact that we can create so many 3rd party apps/drivers is kind of a testament to HE.

Search the forums there are other ways to do notifications if you want. I created a simple one using a nodejs server and sendmail.

Sorry here's the link if interested.. it's still kind of crude..

(also apologies I haven't moved this over to the community repo yet!!)

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