SmartThings 2019 Smart Plug

£22.50 on Amazon, seems to be limited deal one per account so may need to make use of family member accounts to get multiples!

Got some of these yesterday, I added one of mine to ST to check the firmware (reports as LDS ZB-ONOFFPlug-D0005), ships with 0x21176230 and updated after a few minutes to 0x21186230.

Not sure what the differences were between firmware, but worth doing the update just to be on the latest before pairing to HE.

@mike.maxwell these work fine with the Generic ZigBee Outlet driver if you want to add the device fingerprint.

**ID:**  3008

**Manufacturer:**  LDS

**Product Name:**

**Model Number:**  ZB-ONOFFPlug-D0005

**deviceTypeId:**  15


manufacturer : LDS

idAsInt : 1

inClusters : 0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0702,0B04,FC82

endpointId : 01

profileId : 0104

application : 01

outClusters : 0003,000A,0019

initialized : true

model : ZB-ONOFFPlug-D0005

stage : 4

manufacturer :

idAsInt : 242

inClusters :

endpointId : F2

profileId : A1E0

application :

outClusters : 0021

initialized : true

model :

stage : 4
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@mike.maxwell I just noticed that the power reporting is slightly off on these :frowning:

Seems to get the raw value correct in the ZigBee payload 0x34 around 52W as I would expect but reports as 5W:

dev:112019-12-17 12:50:44.572 infoSocket - Garage Battery Storage Rack Heater power is 5W

dev:112019-12-17 12:50:44.567 debugdescMap:[raw:6CCD010B040C0B05293400, dni:6CCD, endpoint:01, cluster:0B04, size:0C, attrId:050B, encoding:29, command:01, value:0034, clusterInt:2820, attrInt:1291]

dev:112019-12-17 12:50:44.384 infoSocket - Garage Battery Storage Rack Heater is on

dev:112019-12-17 12:50:44.376 debugdescMap:[raw:6CCD0100060A00001001, dni:6CCD, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:0A, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:01, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0]

Have a look at my plug driver and see if it parses power correctly...

Some of these plugs have a precision of 1 watt, while others measure in tenths. The stock driver is probably defaulting to measuring in tenths hence the incorrect reading.

Readings are off on which device, the lds?, or the st outlet...

Yes sorry, should have been more specific :slight_smile:

SmartThings Outlet 2019 UK is made by LDS, so it's the LDS fingerprint from my second post above.

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Any progress on this?

Believe this was fixed in 2.1.8

"Fix UK ST outlet power reporting when using Generic Zigbee Outlet driver"

Are you still seeing issues?

yes, Energy monitoring does not work correctly on very low level changes and the energy reporting option is basically on or off

I would suggest posting some logs showing what doesn't work and explaining the issue in more detail as that will allow @mike.maxwell to investigate further (he doesn't physically have this device as it's UK only, so without logs and details of the problem he won't be able to do much).

Did this ever get resolved?

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