Release 2.1.8 Available

Hubitat Elevation Platform Update 2.1.8 Available

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.1.7

Drivers and Devices

  • New drivers:
    • Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch S2 (LZW30-SN)
    • Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Switch S2 (LZW30)
    • Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Dimmer (NZW31)
    • Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Dimmer (NZW31)
    • Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Switch (NZW30)
    • Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch (NZW30)
    • GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer (46203)
    • GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Switch (46201)
    • Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat (TH6320ZW2003)
    • Aeotec Dual Micro Switch (DSC17)
    • Zooz MultiRelay (ZEN16)
    • Zooz Double Switch (ZEN30)
    • SAGE Doorbell Sensor
    • SAGE Light Switch Controller
    • Virtual Smoke Detector
    • Virtual CO Detector
  • New tested devices:
    • Innr UK Zigbee outlet using Generic Zigbee Outlet
    • Nue HGZB-01A Zigbee switch using Nue Zigbee Switch
    • Nue HGZB-021 Zigbee Dimmer using Nue Zigbee Dimmer
    • Nue ZB-18A Zigbee RGBW strip controller using Generic Zigbee RGBW Light
    • RGBGenie ZB-1026 Zigbee controller using RGBGenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer
    • RGBGenie ZB-1003 Zigbee controller using RGBGenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer
    • RGBGenie ZW-1001 Z-Wave dimmer using Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer
    • RGBGenie ZW-1002 Z-Wave RGBW controller using Generic Z-Wave RGBWW Controller
  • New driver features:
    • Iris V3 Keypad, add beep for older firmware devices.
    • Lutron Pico drivers, add three button option and support.
    • NYCE Motion Sensor Series, add humidity get to refresh command.

New App Features

  • Rule Machine:
    • Added connectors for local variables.
    • Added time variables (see this post).
  • Group-2.1: Added button to update devices available for selection.
  • Hubitat Dashboard: Added Variable Time template for RM time variables.
  • Yeelight integration: Added ceiling4 and color6 bulb support.

Bug Fixes

  • Rule 4.0: Fixed error thrown by times in older rules when editing actions.
  • Thermostat Scheduler: Fixed bug with required separation.
  • Scene Transition: Fixed bug with dimmers.
  • Hue Bridge Integration: Fix null error on application label change.
  • Add CRCEncap to Fibaro 2 dimmer and switch drivers, fixes reporting issues in some situations.
  • Fix GE Zigbee Dimmer, single spastic power report when initially turned off.
  • Fix UK ST outlet power reporting when using Generic Zigbee Outlet driver.
  • Fix TransitionTime preference issues in Lutron Dimmer driver.
  • Fixed occasional Null error when turning on for all Sengled Element drivers.
  • Group-2.1: Added button to refresh device lists
  • Raw Lan HubAction message responses will include the payload as a Base64 encoded string

Platform Changes

  • Extended the following Z-Wave command classes
    • Basic up to V2
    • SensorMultilevel up to V11
    • Meter up to V5
    • Central Scene up to V3
    • Version up to V3
    • Time up to V2
    • Multichannel Association up to V4
    • Indicator up to V3
    • Firmware Update MetaData up to V6
    • Association Group Information up to V3
    • Association up to V3
    • Notification up to V8
    • Multichannel up to V4
    • Thermostat Fan Mode up to V3
  • Incoming calls for App Web endpoints now includes headers
  • Incoming calls for App Web endpoints where the App does not exist will now log a message in the logs including the source ip address.
  • Added optional flag to ignore SSL issues (ie: self signed certificates) with http calls (httpGet, httpPost, etc)

Release Available

This hot fix includes a fix for a Rule Machine bug reported with error for malformed time. It also fixes the Ignore SSL flag for http calls.