New Zooz ZEN16 Multirelay

Use the Qubino 1 or 2 relay module driver for now, it works fine for me for basic on/off till 2.1.8 is released.

I'm using Qubino 1 since I'm only using 1 switch.

Hi Agnes, can you please clarify the limitation regarding 220V operation?

The user manual does not mention any voltage specs for the dry contacts, so I e-mailed the folks at TheSmartestHouse before placing my order. They responded "The voltage rating of the dry contacts ranges from 12V to 240V depending on your application."

These are isolated dry contacts, so it should not matter whether the load is US-style 220V (derived from two 110V lines which are 180° out of phase) or a single 220V line.

In any case, it would be good to update the user manual with voltage specs for the dry contacts.

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Low voltage landscape lighting. Been waiting for a while for a dry contact relay!

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Voltage doesn't matter for the ZEN16 since as you mentioned, these are isolated contacts. The only thing you need to watch for is the maximum power capabilities for each relay.

I think you may be referring to the discussion above which referred to other models, specifically our switches which are designed for the North American market and couldn't be used with 220V. Again, the ZEN16 could be used to control a device powered by any voltage up to 240 V. We'll make sure to include this information in the future version of the manual.

Thank you @agnes.zooz or the confirmation. I received the unit yesterday, and sure enough, it mentions 240V support right on the box.

BTW even though the manual specifies USB-C as one of the power options, it is not necessary to use a USB Type-C charger. You can use a Type-A charger, with a Type-A to Type-C cable. (This may be obvious to some folks but it wasn't to me :slight_smile: )

The current consumption is about 40mA @5V when idle (all relays off), increasing to about 350mA with all three relays turned on. This is well within the capabilities of any old USB wall-wart.


Great news for all of us here, the 2.1.8 release is available and with it official drivers for the Zooz Double Switch ZEN30 and the MultiRelay ZEN16.

Big thanks to the Hubitat team for quick integration!


The new official driver doesn't have auto-turn off less than a minute (I need 1 or 2 seconds like the other relay drivers). Is this a limitation of the hardware?

Yes, unless the documentation is wrong...


Just configured the Zen 16 with the latest HE firmware update
Paired flawlessly. The driver has all of the power recovery options, status options, switch options. I now have a solution waiting for a problem!
Awesome job.

Just paired...Works flawless.....great job. Thanks

I just paired up the Zen 16. Works great. If you guys do consider writing a timer application for the Zen 16.....i'll certainly buy 2 more and connect up my irrigation system....and post pictures. Thanks Mac

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Am I right to think the difference between the relay drivers being the Generic Z-Wave Relay one does the auto off in driver code and the ZEN16 driver sets a parameter that allows the hardware to turn it off (outside of driver code)?

I guess my options are to use the Generic Z-Wave Relay (I'm only using one relay) with auto off in seconds or a rule to monitor for the relay turning on and turn off with a 1 sec delay. Is it generally safe to use the generic device code in this type of situation (as long as I don't need the extra features)?

That's correct, and the relay driver is the generic catch all for auto off timers. We can add this request to the driver, though it really doesn't belong there and wouldn't be any time soon.

Will the zen16 control 240v cadet heaters? I believe they're 6 amps each.

As long as they're under 15 A and as long as you take responsibility for controlling a powerful heater remotely, then yes, it will work just fine!

Hi, Zoon ZEN16 multirelay here with latest Hubitat firmware.
How can I send a momentary signal for a garage door opener. Right now the only way I can use it is on the dashboard as an ON/OFF switch and must turn it on and off quickly. It works but there must be a better way. Thanks!

Go to the master device. In the preferences, for each child device there is a drop down box. Choose Momentary Switch:

Hi, thanks for chiming in. Yes I have it set like that. How are you triggering the relays? The only way I can get it to work in Dashboard is with a on/off switch, which stays on until you press again for OFF. The momentary dashboard switch doesn't activate the relay.

I don't use the relay in this way, so I can't answer your question. I use it to control a gas fireplace and a fireplace blower, which means I use it as toggle switches.

Yes for that application I wouldn't have an issue. I appreciate your assistance nonetheless.

Unless there's a dashboard icon I'm missing I have a feeling what I'm trying to do will require a script that essentially presses the button twice with a short timeout in between. Garage door is a pretty common use for this device so I'm confident someone will be able to point me in the right direction.