New Zooz ZEN16 Multirelay

Coming the end of this year (hopefully) Zooz will be introducing some cool additions to their already great lineup. Among them is this slick multi-relay device!

Nice job @agnes.zooz! Can you please get one of those shipped to @mike.maxwell ASAP so he can build a driver. I already have it on my list for Santa. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the link, we actually haven't seen the article yet!

We'll be shipping samples to Hubitat and other gateways as soon as we have some available (there's never enough pre-production samples!), hopefully within the next couple of weeks.


That ZEN30 Double Switch looks awesome. I'd definitely be interested in a few of those for our bathrooms.


Zen16 is exactly what I need in my bedroom.

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I’ve been looking for something like the zen30 for a while. @agnes.zooz any word on pricing yet?

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We don't have confirmed pricing on any of the new models because of the ever changing "tariff situation" but we're aiming at $35 retail for the ZEN30 on The Smartest House website. They should have a nice introductory price for it when it's first released too :slight_smile:


If you guys are looking for another switch idea. I've been trying help my neighbor automate some lights in his house, but he has a ton of light switches like this one:

That put 3 individual switches in the space of a normal 1 gang switch. I haven't been able to find any Z-wave switch that can control multiple lights in a 1 gang switch size. The ZEN30 is nice that it can control two, but if you guys offered something that could control 3 per gang then I know someone who would buy several of those. :slight_smile:


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Unless there is some unusual behind the wall construction limitation, it isn't hard to replace a single gang box with a multi gang box. I have replaced single metal boxes with plastic in half an hour and no painting necessary.


Another consideration is that perhaps a combination of the Zooz Zen30 and Pico switches or Zooz Zen30 and AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Switch Remote. You'll have to carefully plan, but it might be an option to change some of the bulbs to smart only, and use the Zooz Zen 30 for those that need a smart switch. With the Lutron Pico, you only need their adapter and a double-gang plate, not an entire box replacement. I have done this in my home. You can also sometimes get a better price buying their adapter and pico kit.

Of course this requires a Lutron Caséta Pro Smart Bridge, but once you have made that initial investment, the Pico remotes are very inexpensive and easy to add anywhere. You can even have added control over the Zooz ZEN30 from another location via HE. Same for the AduroSmart ERIA remote, or even a Philips Hue remote for that matter (although the Hue remote is quite a bit uglier than than ERIA and doesn't fit a standard Decora plate.

Thanks for sharing that Jeremy, we'll take a closer look at the possibilities to create a Z-Wave equivalent. In the meantime, a temporary solution could be installing a double relay and a singe behind this triple switch if there's enough space. The Qubino 2 Relay and 1 Relay modules are currently the smallest I know.

In my case stud on one side (makes sense, that's what the box is mounted to) and a vent pipe for my sink on the other side. No room at add a larger gang box :frowning:

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That's where the Picos are great. Looks like you have two switches, but one is actually a remote.

Yeah, but a bit pricey and it also doesn't match all my other switches which are regular paddles.

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Initial investment for the Smart Bridge Pro, yes, but the Picos are only $10 to $15 each with a 10 year battery life. I get the dilemma though. I don't know of many other choices. iDevices has one, but it's bluetooth and only works with their switches as a remote, and their switches are WiFi only, with no integration other than HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa. And they are very pricey too.

I seem to recall seeing one other company that made one similar and I think it was Zigbee, but I have no recollection who that was or where I saw it.

I remember now. It was Aeotec. Z-Wave not Zigbee and it's dependent on the Nano Dimmer, Nano Switch, Nano Dual Switch or Nano Shutter.

Still, it's an option.

@dman2306 check this out. DawonDNS 3-gang Z-wave light switch - no neutral needed

Thanks! I’m really looking for a double not a triple but I can make this work.

Be careful. If it’s linked to a fire, your insurance company will have an “out” so they don’t have to cover your claim. There needs to be some kind of North American Safety Certification like ETL, UL, CUL, or CSA

Do you mean you need a momentary switch with two buttons?

Yes... That each support separate loads in a single gang layout.