HE Supported Z-Wave command classes / versions?

It's greatly appreciated that now you guys are including in the release notes any changes/upgrades to the Z-Wave command classes,
The last release 2.1.8 actually broke some of my drivers were I was not forcing the CC versions, I have now started to specify the exact supported version on each of my drivers.

I was wondering if I can find somewhere in the docs the current list of supported CC and there versions supported by HE?

This would be very helpful for all us that like to integrate our devices.

Update: the only thing I could find was https://docs.hubitat.com/index.php?title=ZWave_Classes but its really outdated and the version don't match the current ones.

Regards and keep the great work up!

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The common ones I already know. Everything else I just find out by trial and error (see if the platform spits out an error if I use a higher version, if so drop it down...).

I have tried to use some of the newly supported like BasicV2 and SensorMultilevelV11 CC in some of my drivers, but I am getting an exception that the class / methods was not found.

Were these also added to the Groovy custom driver abstraction or are they only available for internal drivers?

The added class versions are available just like the existing ones.
Class not found is usually caused by a typo.
I'll see about getting the docs updated.

zwave class documentation has been updated


Thanks for the update.

However I am still getting the error when calling: zwave.basicV2.basicGet()

[dev:481]2020-01-16 10:03:12.964 pm [error] groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: basicV2 for class: hubitat.zwave.Zwave Possible solutions: basicV1 on line 101 (poll)

thanks, filed an issue for that.
Use basicV1.basicGet(), there's no advantage to using V2 since both have the same payoad (none)...

No problem, but just FYI I am having this issue with most of the new ones, so it's not just the basic V2.
I'll give this a retry on the next update.