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In a couple of the videos on the Hubitat YouTube channel, smart sensors are shown for automation, for example, turning on a pantry light when the door is opened. One of the motion sensors had like three things built into it and seemed useful, however none of the sensors used in the videos are called out by name or linked in the description so we can purchase them.

I'm looking for a smart sensor that had motion detection and light level sensing, so I can automate a light on a door based on room lighting. I have several sensors from Centralite, but the motion sensor oddly includes a temperature sensor. I chose these because they don't require their own proprietary hub and they're ZigBee.

I expect the omission of the specific device models from the videos was intentional. The Hubitat staff is careful to not intentionally or unintentionally promote any manufacturer’s devices.

I am using the Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 sensor for motion and luminance. The temperature and humidity sensing is a benefit in bathrooms. That allows me to manage humidity and motion with one device, but alas, it is a Z-wave device. It sounds like you are looking for something in a Zigbee.


The Philips Hue motion sensor also senses luminance levels. Being zigbee, they pair directly to Hubitat.


Motion sensors are the key to a truly automated home IMHO. I have them everywhere and prefer inexpensive models.

Recently, I tried a few Thirdreality motion sensors because they use AAA batteries. They work great with Hubitat.

Luminance detection is found in more expensive sensors and I don't think adds much usability for the added cost.

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Motion Sensor 2 Pack, Zigbee Hub Required, Pet Friendly, Works with SmartThings, Aeotec, Hubitat or Echo Devices with Build-in Zigbee hub

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These Linkind sensors look good, work well with Hubitat, and are currently inexpensive. They do use a CR2032 lithium coin battery. You do not need a Linkind hub with Hubitat.

Linkind PIR Motion Sensor, Wireless Motion Detector, Zigbee White, for DIY Use with Linkind Home Security System, Automation with Linkind Smart Zigbee LED Lights, LINKIND Hub Required (NOT Included)

I like the Aeotec multisensor 7's they can be hardwired via USB have lux, motion, humidity, Temp, uv and vibration.
they can be mounted recessed in the celling or wall as well as surfaced mounted.

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Something must have changed. I bought one of those Linkind PIR Motion Sensors back in September of 2020 and couldn't get it to work with Hubitat. It paired, but never detected motion.

This is apparently true in your use case.

My motion-based lighting automations make very heavy use of lux measurements. And the use-case indicated by @Savage was another example of lux determining the outcome of a motion-triggered automation.


Agreed i make use of Lux for all my lighting needs inside and out


For zwave motion I like the Zooz ZSE18. It can be battery or USB powered. If powered it is also a repeater.

Overall I prefer ZigBee motion sensors though. They seem to react and notify slightly quicker for me. YMMV.

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Mine work well. There is a driver in Hubitat for the Linkind devices. There is also a built-in delay feature which may interfere with some intended use-cases.

"To save power of the battery, the motion sensor will have a one-minute cool-down after the last trigger. It will then turn to be idle if there’s not any movement within this minute. It is normal that it won’t repeatedly report motion trigger within one minute."


Perhaps I am functioning at a lower level of sophistication and just rationalize my choices. Seriously. It wouldn't be the first time.

I was thinking of getting a lux sensor a few months ago to fine-tune motion lighting in a room with a large skylight that may or may not have natural lighting but got bogged down in the device choice process.

I use time of day or time related to sunrise/sunset if I want to avoid turning lights on during the day. I also use time to invoke nightlight levels of illumination in the bathroom between midnight and six am so I don't get blasted with light for my early morning pee.

Maybe I will get a lux sensor and see if I can cultivate another HA addiction.


I can recommend the new Aqara P1 motion and lux sensor.
It is rock solid on my Zigbee network, for a month now there are no drop-off problems like the old generation Aqara sensors anymore.
I see it now listed on Amazon, but included in a bundle with some other Aqara stuff.
EDIT: this is the P1 sensor-only listing.


In some videos they do specify the sensors, but not all. As for ZigBee versus Z-Wave, both are compatible with Hubitat, so that's not an issue. I don't want a device that requires a special manufacturer's hub. That's why I don't have any Philips Hue lighting, for example. And certain sensors listed on Amazon said they REQUIRE their hub, yet some videos I have seen indicate you don't if you have Hubitat.

I didn't realize Philips had one. I will look into it. Thank you!

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I looked into ThirdReality sensors before. On Amazon they say their hub is required. I didn't realize it wasn't. The reason I want the light sensor with motion is because I want my living room lights to come on when I come in the front door after work, but not if it is daytime. I know I could use the time, but through the year, sunset changes by hours. The apartment building I live in has a timer and half the year it is useless.

I apologize to everyone, I just realized I could have consolidated my replies. I am new to this site. I will do that in the future.

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Welcome to the community! It took me a while to learn the tricks of the forum. You can always EDIT your own post after the fact by clicking on the pencil tag at the bottom of the post.


Welcome @Savage! We are far more interested in helping you with your questions than your literary style. Lol. If literary quality were a requirement, most of us would have been banned already :smile:


I followed your link to Amazon. It says in the description that it, "REQUIRES AQARA HUB". Are you saying it will work with Hubitat directly, without their hub?

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Yes, it will work directly with Hubitat. You will need @kkossev's driver for that Aqara P1 motion sensor installed. Available in this post: