Smart locks for UK multi-point lock

So we've just had a new front door fitted. A UPVC door with a multi-point lock where you have to lift the handle to engage the multi-point bolts and then turn the key in the euro cylinder barrel to lock the door. As supplied in standard "non smart" condition the key can't be turned to lock the door until the handle has been raised. Pretty much standard for a UK UPVC door.

I've been looking in to the smart locks available in the UK and the choice seems to be woefully lacking. If anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears!!

Here's what I've found to be compatible so far:

  1. The Yale Conexis L1 at £200 plus £50 for the Z-wave module.
    On the plus side: It's supported by HE.
    On the down-side...
    [a] It's Z-wave (my mesh is entirely Zigbee).
    [b] It can't lock unless the handle's been pulled up to engage the multi-point.
    [c] Lastly, there's no physical key over-ride (a non-negotiable requirement of my better half) .

  2. The Ultion Zigbee lock at £229. It's a Danalock attached to a suitable handle.
    Plus side: It's supported and is also Zigbee. It has a manual key over-ride.
    Down side:
    Same as the Yale, it doesn't lock on the catch.
    The handle has to be raised to engage the multi-point lock first. For example, what if I'm on holiday & there's a water leak? I remotely let the plumbers in to fix it but on the way out they just pull the door shut and don't yank the handle up. I can't lock the door!

  3. The SmartLock Slimline Universal at £300.
    Plus side: It has a physical over-ride key. Physical key pad, fingerprint scanner, fobs and NFC can also be used.
    Most importantly, it will lock (remotely) on the catch without the handle being raised to engage the multi-point bolts. Less secure than multi-point but a hell of a lot more secure than Yale or Ultion which would both refuse to lock without the handle being pulled up. Of course, you CAN still pull the handle up to engage the additional bolts.
    Down side: Well.. cost for starters. At £300 it's a lot of dough!

The Slimline Universal is bluetooth and supplied with a Wi-Fi bridge and API capability. Can it communicate with, & be integrated with Hubitat?

All input and advice greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Did you have any good recommendations for a wooden door smart lock on z-wave? It's for multiple Airbnbs in the same home.

I'm in the UK and use the Yale Conexis lock, although I have it offline and don't use the z-wave module. I have had it for about 3 years, the AA batteries last well and although they are never depleted I change them every 9 months, 12 months would easily be achievable. I have also read that adding the z-wave mod can cause the batteries to go flat much sooner so be mindful of this if you use it.
The lock itself is well made and sturdy, what i have noticed is after 3 years the chrome on the outside is starting to 'pit' slightly.
I bought mine because the kids kept losing their front door key :rage: - using one of these I could remove the fob and not worry about somebody using a key they found! Plus they had the yale app on their phone so were never locked out if i was late getting back from work.

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Sorry alecpiercy0117, I've only been concentrating on ones compatible with multi-point locks which are presumably mainly fitted to UPVC doors.
On a wooden door I'm guessing you either have mortice locks or surface mounted (Yale style) latch locks. On my smart lock search the choice for both these types of lock seems much greater.

I did come across your thread which I read with interest. If you want to manage all the smart locks in the Airbnbs through HE they'll all need to be within range of the hub; as would the other smart devices. Depending primarily on the distance you may need to get some repeaters, bearing in mind that they're not dual protocol like HE so you may need both Z-wave and Zigbee repeaters.

HE will lock the Yale Conexis L1 without anyone touching the handle.....

I have 2 in operation and about to install a third.

It will lock but the levers have to be already engaged (handle have been pushed up)

I've got one running with the module, personally, I've found the module reduces battery life quite a lot, and with the whole having the put the handle up for it to work makes it a bit irritating in my opinion.

Not having a key isn't a real issue as if it did die there is a 9v terminal on the outside you can hold a battery to and then unlock it with the fob (or whatever means) You also get plenty of warning with the batteries as the lock changes lock tone when they are running low (which is way before they die)

Personally, try another option.

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@ChrisPowys, also just to add the Zwave range on lock... the yale especially is shocking so a range extender is generally needed which support the right security setting etc

Thanks for the input jackgregory92. Smart locks are such an expensive item that I really need to make the right choice first time. I'd be more than a bit miffed if a £300 lock ended up in my smart home odds and sods box!

As for Z-wave, my devices are all Zigbee so there's no Z-wave mesh in the house.
The Yale is a definite no-go as (regardless of anything else) it has no physical key back-up which has been designated a "must have" by my OH!
I'm not really happy relying on the handle being lifted for the door to lock. Both the Yale and Ultion fail on that score.

Unless anyone knows of any other multipoint compatible solutions that leaves the Smartlock Slimline as the only choice that ticks all the boxes.
The lock is supplied with a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi bridge. I believe the Android app (Smartlock Europe) is a re-branded version of the "TTLock" app. According to the website it's API capable and is controllable by Google Assistant and Alexa.

The cherry on the cake would be if it can be integrated with Hubitat, presumably by API. I've emailed Smartlock for more info on the API. I'm slightly techy but not that much! Perhaps somebody like @bravenel could shed some light on the possibility.

Edit: Stuart at Smartlock kindly got back to me about the API:

We license the app from TTLock, you can find details in their API here
Guideline - Open platform API

Expensive indeed and not a problem!

I’m still having some issues with mine and I’m pretty 50/50 with meshes.
I’ve just ordered the aeo range 7 (eu plug only though so adapter time :joy:) to try and solve some of the issues with the Yale.

Just to continue hating on it more and to give you more reason, if there wasn’t enough already, to avoid it…
There app is horrendous and doesn’t seem to be maintained at all.
I don’t think I’ve ever had a good experience with there support team.
And personally I prefer something with a bridge, like you’ve said the more expensive one has, just because it’s a second point of redundancy..

Say you like loosing keys, hence why I got one in the first place, you can always open it from it own system.. where as, I’ve found, the Yale app doesn’t always like to work.

I’m currently in the same boat - did you find a good solution in the end?

The Smartlock Slimline Universal is still the only lock I've found that meets all criteria.

At £300 I didn't buy one (yet) and TBH I haven't been looking recently. Other household bills have had to take priority, not least the gas & electricity which was on a darned good fixed deal at £116/month but will now be £240/month. Thank god for the Tado smart TRVs, without which it would be even higher.

Oh dear, sorry to hear your bills have jumped up so much.

I think I may go ahead with this one - just waiting for a callback to talk through my current door/lock and make sure it is compatible. I'm hopeless with DIY so I'll need someone to install it for me.

I'm not capable of programming any compatibility with the API, so it's a shame it won't integrate into HE. However, via the Alexa integration I should be able to at least incorporate it into some routines that way..

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