Smart lock, thermostat, and other for vacation/unattended home

This topic to help choosing devices for a house that sits unattended for weeks/months at a time, and any special considerations.

Smart lock questions.
What are recommended locks (see this thread for all things smart lock):
what would be the best choices that have the features below:

  • Stays connected to HE most reliably, never drops the connection, always reconnects if HE power cycles
  • Long battery life, 6-month minimum guaranteed battery life with minimal usage
  • Has keypad and allows generating temp codes for maintenance people to come in
  • Has regular physical key (this is my specific requirement)
    Not sure what I else I need to be looking for in a vacation home lock. For example, if the door gets shifted due to cold/heat/humidity contractions over months and prevents the deadbolt from sliding in/out, are there any locks that have some leeway to account for such a situation...

For thermostat:
Recommend ones for:

  • Reliable connectivity/re-connectivity to HE - this would be a universal requirement for this use case
  • Long battery life - I assume Zigbee/zwave is a must, WiFi would drain it too fast
  • What else?

Feel free to post other device considerations for this use case.

I've been pretty happy with my Schlage be469 but I would recommend the zigbee version of it for least hassle to pair. For thermostat I would recommend either a GoControl or Honeywell T6 Z-wave. I would also recommend a Dome water shutoff and several dome leak sensors if this is a remote property.

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