Slow issue fixed?

Does this mean we should see an improvement with the hub slow downs ?

  • A change was made to the event processor in the hub. It was found that some hubs can send so many events that the processor is overloaded and the hub will stop processing events. This processor has been reworked and there is now a limit to the number of events that can be sent to the processor at one time (1024), if the event queue goes over the limit an error message will be thrown and the system will log an error “Limit Exceeded Exception, Event Queue is Full”.
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I installed the update a few hours ago, i didn't notice any difference in response times (I was hoping it was so)

Probably not. Looks like they just saw an issue with apps/devices flooding the event queue and limited it. But it will probably help identify any apps/devices that are doing this and help them troubleshoot the issue.

Still a move in the right direction.


Installed it and then rolled back to 2.1.6. I went from a snappy hub to a snail hub.
Taking 30s to load any page devices, apps, logs etc.

Plus the fibaro dimmer 2 issue from 2.1.7 & 2.1.8 is still present.

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I installed it this afternoon. I can’t say that I see any difference as far as performance. I hadn’t been experiencing any slow downs prior to this update.

The change mentioned in OP is more of an advisory than a fix. Events could still get lost I believe but it now does warn you if it’s happening. Whether it was ever happening before I’m not sure so it will be interesting to see if it gets flagged.

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There are custom drivers for these where one of them works with securely joined devices and the other don’t. Not home at the moment but I use one of them with my securely joined Fibaro dimmers on 2.1.8

Actually thinking about it now perhaps that’s the problem that the built in drivers don’t support securely joined devices anymore.

I installed the upgrade yesterday afternoon, disabled my auto reboot app (4AM reboot) and usually I need to reboot manualy at least once more time during the day when everything slows down. But not today, everything seems to be running normaly.

I do use many third party apps (Ogiewon's Harmony, BPT World apps, Rob's Lifx app, Ecobee suite, CSteele, CodaHQ Dimmer apps and many more so I never complain of slow downs, I know that I might be pushing the hardware a bit.

It does seem that the problem might be found after all, wait and see.

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When you get home would you mind posting which driver you are using and i'll give it a try.



Hey Yannick could you point me toward that auto reboot app. I find myself rebooting my c4 hub once a week cause it freezes. So I have been trying to figure a way to auto reboot the hub any help would be much appreciated.

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Here you go:


Once again you are super aaiyar thanx again much appreciated.


I do use RM to reboot the hub but I never consciously disabled my hub security. Where is that enabled/disabled if you don't mind ?

Go to "Settings -> Hub Login security".

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Thanks bobbles, so this option would only protect my hub if someone connected to my lan locally ?

However you access the hub, locally or remotely, you will need to use the password to logon to it.

There was someone on the forum a few months back who did a search looking for Hubitat hubs and was able to get into their network and access their devices as the hubs were not password protected and the people were doing port forwarding I believe.
I think he just wanted to show people how insecure their networks were. (He/she took it a bit too far though).

So along with password protecting your hub, I would make sure your network itself is secure. Their are numerous threads about it.


Ok, I will enable that, any way I don't think I need to auto-reboot my hub anymore, I did some tests this morning and it still runs normally. I'm surprised I don't see more people commenting on their hub's performance since the last update.

I have not noticed a change yet. My main hub is still rebooting nightly. My upstairs hub seems to be okay but usually only reboots every once in a while. I'm using the Rootn Tootn Rebootn app.

However I do not believe it is an HE thing.. very likely something I've done. Since things are "working" post reboot I've been very slow (lazy) in troubleshooting the issue.

I reboot both my hubs every other day and haven't bothered to stop doing it since the update this week.
I may disable the app and see how the hubs perform. It would be nice not to reboot it every other day.

I know something changed and it's not a placebo effect because I usually need to reboot my hub even with nightly automatic reboots. I work from home most of the time and the hub starts to slow down from 6 to 10 hours after a reboot. My blood boils when I go into the laundry room and I'm left in the dark looking at that blinking red light on the Zooz motion detector...

Since yesterday, I've started loading third party code that I was holding off until the hub got more stable like the Unifi presence to replace the inbuild presence on the app that stopped working correctly last week for no apparent reason.

So far so good, my hub (I have only one, loaded with close to 90 devices, mostly Zwave) is running well, no reboots since friday.