SINOPE Thermostats 15% off plus savings from BC Hydro

Deal for BC residents on these thermostats, ordered my forth one. work great and never had an issue with them.

not sure if they have deals for other provinces or not.



I have changed every one of my baseboard thermostat to Sinopé Zigbee and never looked back!

I love that it can be set to display the outside temperature via Rule Machine along with the inside temperature - Use that all the time.

I also have them setup so that the light is off, and turns on with motion via Rule Machine.

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Sebastien, I couldnt agree more, these are great units, this is actually my fifth unit, left the guest room out of the mix but my other half wanted me to automate that room ( she promises to teach our guests about what they need to do......lets see who gives the joining brief!). Would you share the rule you use for the light feature, that sounds like a great idea. I used to have the outside temp but the spouse wants to see the set point and inside temp. Would be nice to replace the clock with a different reading i.e. outside temp.

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I changed all my Sinope WiFI thermostats to Sinope ZigBee thermostats last year and my boss at home wanted to convert all the heating and cooling to Heat pumps which will totally make my thermostats useless. :sob:

On the other hand. I got an email from Sinope about a flow meter :exploding_head: but only wifi. Release a ZigBee version already!!

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Using the following driver:

I have this rule:

If I was to re-create it, I would change the following:

Motion Active instead of Changed

Actions I would remove what I have and make it:
Wait for Motion Stop

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thanks for the example I will experiment a wee bit and see how it goes.


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They've been talking about a zigbee propane tank level gauge for months. I'm skeptical it will ever become reality. (I have a wifi unit from Tank Utility, which has been working well, but would prefer to not depend on web, plus better battery life, I imagine).

I use one for my heated floor in my bathroom. They're a great thermostat...Attractive too.

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The link to the driver is "not found".

Do you know if it includes an Energy Usage calculation? I miss that feature from the older Neviweb GT125 and was looking to see if I could recreate it on a Hubitat dashboard.

Try this one. It has a few more features including energy monitoring and the ability to turn on the clock (sometimes, it will turn off for whatever reason…)

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Sebastien, I like that driver but the only issue I had with it was that when using it with sharptools if I changed the temp at the front plate of the thermostat it would not reflect the change on sharptools.
Had to go to a different driver, only temp until I get better at making HE dashboard items, I really need to find the time to do that, anyone got some spare hours you're not using, i seem to keep running short.

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Have you tried working with @josh on the issue?

Well yes I have and here is the link to convo
Sinope TH1123ZB not updating sharptools - #4 by the-leafs

well at least my last comments on the three drivers I used and the results, further up the tree josh opined that it could be the attribute that is used in the single height tile in Sharptools.

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Thanks Sebastien! That actually also seemed to fix another issue I had with the stock driver, in that I couldn't get a Rule to switch the T-Stats to "Off"

One quick question. Do you know how it's calculating the $$$ for the energy used? The old Neviweb was awesome in that it automatically sensed the size (in Watts) of each baseboard. Is this one doing something similar, or is it just treating each one as 4000W?

That’s a very good question! I assumed that it automatically sensed the energy use and converted to the correct $ amount, but can’t say for sure…

I guess I'd have to go dig around in the ST forums to find out, eh?

FWIW, my T-Stats are WAY less chatty with the new drivers. If they were heating using the old drivers I'd see a "T-Stat X is heating" about every 7 seconds in the logs. With the new ones... totally quiet unless they're moving from one state to another.

Keep an eye here but I beleive the global sh!t we are all in has delayed things!

Any idea if the Energy Meter amount could be expressed with a "$" figure?

Maybe the driver’s author @samuel.c.auclair might know…

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@gwydionjhr, the actual driver have the capabitility energy meter which is expressed in kWh. That energy is calculated at the driver level and not the device level. The driver pulls relatively frequently the power data in order to estimate the energy consumed by the thermostat. I assume Sinope does the same with their platform (except if the thermostats have an integrated energy meter but Sinope keep it only for their platform).

Then, in the driver preference you can define the cost / kWh which depends on your electricity provider. Once that is define their is an attribute cost calculated from the cost defined in the preference and the energy calculated. That estimated cost can be acessible in the dashboard with the attribute tile.

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