Sinope TH1124ZB

@kris2k2 Nice! I see you receive the outdoor temp via some notification ... Is it a weather app ? Your approach is better than mine !

@putch Oh ! Sorry ! I thought the temperature was not displaying correctly ... For me the "Out" always show with the code I have ... Is there any way to get the FW version ?
Btw, my code was missing an important capability ... "Thermostat" :flushed: Without that capability, it was not possible to create Thermostat schedule ...

Yep! Using the built-in weather device driver to get the temperature, and then I configured a rule that whenever the temperature changes, to notify all my thermostats.

It was a quick hack until I figure-out how to access weather from another device and reuse the information that’s already there.

@kris2k2, nice implementation of getting the outside temperature, but I do have a question fo rthe rule to set up.

I started a new rule with the trigger ...

"Temperature of DarkSky Weather changed

but as the action, I can't seem to find a variable or attribute about outdoortemp for the thermostat? then looked at the code again, and then saw that you are waiting for a notification being sent to the device, yet for some reason, I can't seem to find the action to do this?

I'm probably just missing something so obvious that it's right in my face.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Found the notify action but %value% does not seem to have the info in it???

EDIT 2: ok just saw you're reply under this, will try that and let you know!

Ah right, I forgot this little quirk :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s how I got it setup using a local variable so I can use the notify function and pass it the local variable.

How I tested it first, is that I’d notify my mobile phone device to see the data, and once I was happy with it, I sent it to the thermostat.

Select Trigger Events (ANY will trigger)

  • Temperarure of System.Weather(1) changed
  • Every 2 hours starting at 00:00

Select Actions for Update thermostat weather as it changes

  • Set outdoorTemp to System.Weather
  • Temperature Notify Thermostat.LivingRoom, Thermostat.Bedroom, Thermostat.Bathroom: '%outdoorTemp%

@kris2k2, I setup the rule and everything seems to work except for a Javascript error on line 358

    int outdoorTemp = Integer.parseInt(text)

Logs show me...

dev:332019-12-27 13:53:02.775 errorjava.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "5.5" on line 358 (deviceNotification)

dev:332019-12-27 13:53:02.699 infodeviceNotification() : Setting outdoor weather to 5.5

dev:332019-12-27 13:53:02.693 infodeviceNotification(5.5)

dev:2002019-12-27 13:53:01.477 Weather Driver - INFO: Polling

The local variable used in the rules is of type string and also tried type decimal, but both give the same error.

Here is my rule...

Thanks for any help!

Integers aren't decimals :slight_smile:

Try this:

int outdoorTemp = Math.round(text)

Admittedly, the temperature handling I integrated was lousy; I should probably re-write it!

Update: I committed a new version on github.

lol, I figured that one out, and was looking into it, I really need to get up to date with programming, haven't done much of it for the last 15 years or so. Will get back to me after a few things like this :slight_smile:

Just installed the new version and all is working as intended with the Weather Driver

Thanks again!

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Hi guys, total newbie here but there is a tremendous amount of useful info on here!

I've been following the thread as I am having issues also with displaying the outside temperatures on Sinope TH1124ZB via Hubitat hub.

I pretty much figured out everything but I can't find the "Notify" action to send the updated outside temperature to the thermostats.

What am I missing?



Here are a few screen shots of the "Notify" part of the rule...

Select the action type "Send, speak or log a Message..."

Then select "Send or Speak a Message"

Then enter the variable name in the message to send box " %outdoorTemp% ",
Now select all thermostats you wan't to send to (the option needs to be set to on on the device).
Then click done and the rule should show the "Notify Thermostat of the %outdoorTemp% message"

Come back if you need more help or you can send me a private message if you would rather do this on the phone (I also speak french).

Good luck!


Thank you very much, I had dabbled with the "Send, Speak or Log" action as it seemed to be the most logical fit for a "Notify" action but I could never select the thermostat as a target for the notification.

Re-reading your message and examining everything, especially about the option needing to be set on the device, made me realize that I needed to stick to the variable name the driver is expecting to see (I had named my variable OutsideTemp instead of OutdoorTemp).

I did not expect such a quick reply and a working solution on the first try on top of it all!

I just received my hub yesterday and started to fiddle with it. I am not a programmer but I do work in IT so I opted for flexibility/costumisability over user-friendlyness, and this first experience with the Hubitat community has reassured me in my choice!

Merci encore!

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@Hugo Happy I could help and also reassure you about your choice! By the way, kris2k2 suggested using the DarkSky Weather service with his implementation, but you could use that same rule and take the temperature from any temp reporting sensor you wan't.

So installing a temp sensor outside (finding a way to protect it if it's not rated for outdoors in our climate) and then triggering the rule by that sensors temp change etc. will also work and give you the real temp outside your home instead of using the DarkSky app and hoping they have the correct info.

I'm planning on trying this with a SmartThings door sensor placed on my patio in a small hobby box with slots in the bottom and making sure the sun never directly hits the box.

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Hi @scoulombe, I am a little bit late to the party but I how did you remove the fan portion of the thermostat tile?

Hi @nclark I must thank you as well. The screenshot about the Notify action really helped me. I am just starting off with hubitat and Sinope thermostat are on my radar but I am currently trying stuff with virtual devices to see If I could do everything needed with those thermostat. What is your general impression of these thermostats? Did you do special rule with them? I am looking to use them to make it easier for me to deal with the Hydro-Quebec's "peak demand events".

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Ya I love them and they look really great but only have them at my cottage so I can set temps a few hours before leaving for the weekend, now when we get there it's all nice and warm. I also used the Thermostat built in app to have 4 different high and low times for each day when we are there acting just like a regular 7 day programmable thermostat.

As for Hydro Quebec events, I have a rule that I can program the day before via a couple of virtual switches (one for morning and the other for afternoon), then when I get to the event time and if the switches are on, Hubitat will disconnect fridge, freezer, water heater and garage heating during the event and then switch everything back on at the end of the event.

Could also set temps on the Sinope thermostats but my main house only has Honeywell 7 day programmable thermostats (from Costco at $150 for 5) but we mostly use a wood stove, so during peak events we use the wood stove more to make sure we don't use baseboard heating. Could not justify buying the Sinope thermostats because of this.

I've managed to get evening events to 2-3.5 kWh (saving me an average of about 13 kWh compared to the reference).

This winter alone, it will pay for one of the 40A switches I got (Sinope also) for the water heater and for the garage heating, which is to big for a digital line thermostat 5200W, I had to use an old mercury type thermostat when I installed it but will most likely install a temp sensor and use hubitat to control it instead in the very near future.

Thanks @nclark for the answer. I will try the virtual switch with the time event combination to handle Hydro's events.

I would need 10 thermostats to cover my house so I might just start with 2 or 3 to cover the first floor.

@erilaj, if you need help with the rule, just reach out in a Private Message and I'll send you a screen shot of what I'm using.

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I've got 15 of these in the house. All seem to be working fine.
4 of the 15 show the word "Out" under the outside temp.
11 of them do not.
They're all set with the same rule.
@kris2k2 Any thoughts?

Same problem here, mine do not show the Out word either :frowning:

I had a tech from my ISP out yesterday upgrading our service. He unplugged my hub while he was working down there. When it booted back up my entire Zigbee network was gone. I loaded a backup, still gone, including any rules that were associated with Zigbee devices. Pain in my ass.

So I had to rejoin my entire zigbee network, including all my thermostats and rebuild all the rules. Interesting enough, the same 4 thermostats still show the word "out", the other 11 still do not.

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