Sinope TH1124zB - what is the latest?

Hi all, I saw there was a lot of movement regarding the best driver to use for the TH112xZB. I downloaded the @kris2k2 driver hoping I would be able to get outside temperature, but without success. What would be the most current to use? I saw @scoulombe provided some intelligence on this also… Toute aide est la bienvenue. Thanks.


This is the one I am using for all my thermostats:


Same here, the Sacua version is the latest and greatest. It's also available in HPM, search for Sinope and on install, it will ask for what Sinope devices you have/want to use.

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Thanks, really need to have the habits to look at HPM first :slight_smile:

Quick question. The Display outdoor temperature has no effect on the display. I would expect some apps to be install as a perequisite to provide outdoor temp information. What am I missing here. Any specific configuration to perform to display outdoor temperature.

I am providing the state variable just in case. Also, I have some Java Null pointer error with energy calculation... wonder if it is because the Thermostat is brand new and some variables have to be set to some values ?

Thanks for your help guys.


You will need to make a RM rule where you notify the thermostat(s) of the outdoor temp. I'll try to find you the link to this in a few.

Check this post...

OK from what I can understand, we need to setup a rule that will pull the data from a weather driver and send it periodically to the thermostat. Good.

Also it seems that DarkSky is the weather provider of choice, for which we need a darkSky API key to successfully register/configure the Virtual device created.

But ... it seems that DarkSky will end its service by March 31, 2023.

Anyone has a more permanent solution than this one ? Which Weather driver do anyone suggest I use... Look at Environment canada, but the driver is broken.

Thanks for your usual help


I now use OpenWeatherMap driver available on HPM also.

Or you can use a Temp sensor placed outside that will give you exact info where you are instead of weather service info for your town.

You need to refresh every couple of hours even if the temp did not change or the thermostat will revert to displaying the setpoint instead of outdoor temp.

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Here is my current Rule...

Like I said, you can substitute the OpenWeatherMap temp for a real temp sensor places outside.

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Thanks.... will give it a try


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Ok, another pitfall !

I registered to OpenWeatherMap to get temperature data. Open API 3.0 Free account to get an APP key which I got.

Configure OpenWeatherMap Driver with the appropriate information and since it is an Open API 3.0, I configured it to 3.0 rather than 2.5.

Wait 6 hours and i get the infamous 401 until it is ready to provide information....

then I got suspicious.

I tried the following HTTP in my browser : (not the real APPID),

and i got some information ( note it is 2.5 not 3.0). In fact I received :

{"coord":{"lon":-73.692,"lat":45.57},"weather":[{"id":804,"main":"Clouds","description":"overcast clouds","icon":"04n"}],"base":"stations","main":{"temp":272.7,"feels_like":269.03,"temp_min":272.02,"temp_max":273.72,"pressure":1009,"humidity":92},"visibility":10000,"wind":{"speed":3.09,"deg":300},"clouds":{"all":100},"dt":1668643803,"sys":{"type":2,"id":2013133,"country":"CA","sunrise":1668599730,"sunset":1668633831},"timezone":-18000,"id":6050610,"name":"Laval","cod":200}

Which looks valid ( in fact if I change one digit in my appid, nothings returns)

So I decided to switch to 2.5 in the driver, but I think the syntax for the HTTP request is not valid since it looks like this when generated by the driver :,hourly&mode=json&units=imperial&appid=fb34cf1c92d72e5f85e2129d6fa61axx

Which obviously returns : Weather Driver - WARNING: 401:Unauthorized

Any Idea ? Where should I start ?


I would try to post this info in the OpenWeatherMap Driver discussion, @Matthew is very responsive...

Ok I agree I am new to HE… Despite looking everywhere, I was not able to find the way to select this notify action. It is obviously different than the notification to push information to mobile/TTS etc. or is it? A bit lost to say the least.



Send/Speak is the right option, the message will be %outdoorTemp% (the local variable name you setup before hand with a type Decimal) and the devices to notify are the thermostats.

Thanks a lot for everyone's support. Finally getting this outdoor temp displayed. Lots of details here to get to the finish line. I am considering writing a little How-To-for beginners to document the steps and pitfalls. Always better for a new user to document what is not obvious ( or what is so obvious for everyone).

Thanks to all again.


Happy to know all is working!!!

Even seasoned RM people look for the commands that they don't use often (including me), it's not always intuitive and sometimes I just write a new app instead of using RM when it gets to confusing :wink:

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OK I dont know if I am going down a Rabbit hole here or not, but hey I figure I'll post some update.

I have one TH1124ZB (4000W) that I was using when I posted my initial question - I have now another device that is TH1123ZB ( 3000W).

I am using the same driver for both :

I made this little rule to test the display on/off that I run manually... to try isolate the problem.

Result : my TH1124ZB display goes off, and there is no effect on the TH1123ZB. No error in the logs

Any ideas anyone ?


@samuel.c.auclair I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that it is a -G2 release. (my 3000W) are TH1123ZB-G2 and my 4000W is TH1124ZB.... no G2. I purchased them Last week directly from Sinope.... Probably G2 stands for Gen 2 :slight_smile: I wonder.


Maybe, I was not aware that there was a G2 version. I don's see as well such specification on the website.
Did you tried by simply clicking on the button "display off" or "display on" on the device page? If this command does not works, honestly I would not know where to look, except maybe ask to Sinope support since I would need the attribute ID and cluster ID for which most of the command are standard and can be found in this document:
Zigbee Cluster Library (
But the display command for thermostat does not seems to be listed in this document.

Did you tried by simply clicking on the button "display off" or "display on" on the device page?

Yes. I even created a rule ( see above ) that calls the custom command ( same applied to 2 thermostat). One works the other one does not...

One thing I can do is get to Sinope support and ask what is different between their original and G2. How can I help?



PS Just to be clear. I use the same driver for both thermostat. One being the TH1124ZB for which the display on off from the device pannel works well. Same driver with the G2, same buttons dont work.

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