Simulate a RF remote with Hubitat and a RF bridge

We have an adjustable bed foundation with a vibration feature. Wonderful and comfortable way to fall asleep. The problem is the vibration has a hard time-limit of 15 mins with no way to change it. I was thinking of using Hubitat to trigger an RF signal by something like an RF bridge to keep the vibration going at the end of 15 mins.

Before heading off and recreating the wheel, I thought I'd check here to see if anyone has done it / has suggestions?

Remote: Leggett and Platt remote like this one.

Many thanks for any suggestions / best route to a solution.

I have a Bond RF blaster/learner that works great with HE. Don't know if it's possible to teach your bed remote to it. i was able to teach an RF signal from a projector screen that wasn't listed so it's possible...

Just buy the Bond from Amazon and return if it doesn't work.
That being said i did get rid of 5 fan remotes with the Bond which is pretty awesome.


That is an expensive remote, wow. If it is standard RF 433mhz (not rolling codes etc..) the sonoff bridge might be an option. If the sonoff bridge could sniff the codes, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to make a custom driver for it.

With the Sonoff Bridge flashed with Tasmota and Portisch most non-rolling codes work fine. As for a driver, when it is just one or two commands RM and sending raw Tasmota commands through my Tasmota parent driver will do the trick. I also have a Sonoff Bridge driver, but even though it works well for receiving commands it doesn't have good support for sending and is not likely to receive any updates. I've also seen some other options in terms of drivers around the community, but don't know them or how/if they work.

I don't see any indication of the remote frequency. If 433Mhz, then Sonoff Bridge is possibility. If 315Mhz, then Bond might be an option. I have a Tasmotized Bridge that can learn codes to send but I use Node Red to link with HE. My Bond Hub works great with @dman2306's integration.

I picked up a switchbot hub mini and can control it through HE by way of Alexa

The Amazon price is someone price-gouging... I ordered direct from the mft for $23.

@gassgs, @stephen_nutt, @markus

I looked inside the remote and found the OEM and Googled to find it is a 433 Mhz remote.

The Sonoff Bridge was mentioned. Would that be the easiest to use for an integration considering I have no knowledge of creating custom drivers, etc. I am a 4/10 with Linux, 7/10 with Hubitat normal operation.

Many thanks for your feedback.

The sonoff bridge is very inexpensive so I would say it's worth a try for sure. The bridge would need to be flashed, it's not too difficult but you might want to read up and make sure it's something you are comfortable with.

Here is a link to a couple drivers I put together. If you are just trying to simulate pushing a few buttons it should be easy enough.

Thank you! I ordered a Sonoff Bridge and will give it a try.

One Q: I see several instructions on flashing the firmware; however, I am unclear on the Mac interface card to do so. I bought this one along with these. Will that work / something better?


That should work.
My experience:
I had this one (Link), it was terrible. Could never get it to connect right.

This one (Link), works perfect for me every time.

Thank you! I have one on the way.

That appears to be an IR device? OP needs something that’ll work with an RF remote.

you would be correct, my bad.

For RF, I bought a second remote for my blinds and used a ZEN16 to control the buttons