[Release] Sonoff RF Bridge - Window Shade,Curtain,Blind and Switch,Plug - Device Drivers

[Release] Sonoff RF Bridge - Window Shade,Curtain,Blind and Switch,Plug - Device Drivers

These are the device drivers that I use to control my roller shades, curtain motors, and on/off plugs with my Sonoff RF bridge. The shade/curtain driver supports, Set level/Position, Start level change up/down, and stop level change.

All drivers are based on the Hubitat community driver httpGetSwitch


The shade/curtain driver would not be possible without the work of Brian Wilson @brianwilson and his work on the Neo-Smart-Controler for blinds Neo Smart Controller for blinds

To use these drivers, your Sonoff RF bridge needs to be flashed with both Tasmota and Portisch firmwares (instructions for flashing here) - Sonoff RF Bridge 433 - Tasmota

Once flashed, You will need to learn your RF codes from your RF remotes. Enter "Raw 177" in the console and push the corresponding button on the remote you want to learn. you then need to convert the "B1" codes to "B0" codes using Bitbucket converter http://bbconv.hrbl.pl/

Additional instruction details are located at the bottom of the flashing instruction page.

These drivers have been working well for me so I thought I would share them………

Curtain/Shade Driver

Switch Driver

Shade driver for button controllers

  • Usage case - use for button control when you have a z wave or zigbee shade that tracks level changes but does not have a "stop" command

push button - if shade is opening/closing" = "stop" , else = "open/close"
push and hold = "open" , release "stop"

Side notes

To keep the curtain shades "in sync" they should only be controlled by hubitat. I use Google, Lutron Pico's, and Automation through hubitat to control mine. If you use the remote that came with your motor, your device in hubitat will not be aware of the changes.

The "Level" is time based. It's a very good estimate but not always perfect since signals could be delayed etc... you can adjust the travel time for the best results.

**(updated 9/16/2020 -Added sending "RF Raw Off" after sending commands)

***(updated 9/17/2020 -Added option to disable sending "RF Raw Off", for those that don't need that)

****(updated 10/18/2020 -Added Simple Shade driver for button controllers *

****(updated 11/2/2021 -Added Stop Position Change and Start Position Change commands for Curtain/Shade Driver *


I finally got around to testing this and it works great.

I'm glad it is working for you! Using this driver I actually find my RF shades work just about as well as my "smart" Zigbee and Z wave shades. Also works well with Google home.

it tells me that there is an error in line 7

Which driver are you using?

The drivers link dont work for me gives me a 404 error.

Sorry about that. I have updated the links.

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Nice to see these bridge integrations making their way to HE with the help of generous developers. :+1:t2:

This forum is so active that things like this often fly right by before you have a chance to see the post.

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Does this work with the blind engines?

I have a couple of these wifi and would like to integrate them. Ive set the app and and it seems to work as when i press open,close in the app it sends a command to the bridge and the red light appears but the blinds don't respond.

Is this app only compatible with the roller blind motors? or is the ones ive linked to above compatible?

Many thanks

Were you able to capture the codes from the remote? If the Sonoff bridge can understand the codes it should be able to resend them as the remote would.
If you have successfully flashed the sonoff bridge with the two firmwares it should be compatible with most RF 433mhz remotes. I don't see any information about the remote frequency in the link you shared, so I can't say if it should work or not.

Does anyone knows a seller that sells this bridges with tasmota and portish fully flashed in Europe?
Sadly my eyesight does not allow me to be soldering for flash. I cant seem also able to find a broadlink fm3 pro at decent price as an alternative for my blinds.

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