Simple Lights Not Turning on all lights

I have 13 Sylvania Smart+ full color recessed lights in my soffits. I have a SL routine setup that is suppose to turn them on using a saved scene, that sets them to Daylight white, 100% level, as Sunset+15. It seems HE is having issues turning them on at the specified time. Sometimes half will come on, sometimes just a few, sometimes more. I have 3 of the Sylvania smart+ zigbee outlets around the house in key area to help repeat the Zigbee signal. I moved from SmartThings v2 hub and had no issues with these lights with ST. The hub is running on channel 19, which is what my ST hub was using (ST hub off).

If go to the device and click ON, the light will come one, so it is not an antenna issue.

If there a way to maybe program a routine using RM to keep trying to turn on the lights for X minutes, so that all of them go on?

I don't have webcore install, as I have heard that it can cause HE to slow down over time, so I removed it before trying anything out with it.

There are some issues with SL, but if the issue is SL it should not turn on any of the bulbs if all bulbs are in the same rule.

You can try creating a group, adding zigbee group message, then adding this group to the scene instead each bulb.

My simple lights rule hasn't been working for the last few mornings either. The log says they should turn on but the actual call to digitally turn them on doesn't exist. Now if I manually turn them on then they do turn off when they are supposed to.

These issues were resolved in recent hot fix releases. There are no known or documented issues at present.

Have you updated to the latest release?

I meant with sunrise and sunset offset, but I'm not sure if it was corrected too. Sorry the confusion.

This is fully resolved in Simple Lighting.

Yes, if this is how you want to solve the problem, it's possible. You can make a trigger and a rule to do this.

The first trigger, activated by a switch assigned to your scene (or whatever you choose) would turn on the lights and repeat the actions every x seconds.



And the action of the first trigger also sets the private boolean of the second trigger to True.


The second trigger, is activated by the first trigger setting its private boolean to true and then after a delay, it will stop the Repeat Actions of the first trigger.

Note: You have to build the second trigger first, so you can select it to set its private boolean to true in the first trigger.



@bravenel I did the update last night and am happy to report this morning the lights were on as scheduled! Thanks!

Well the latest update did not fix anything for me with SL. I created a group for the 13 potlights and turned on the Zigbee Group Messaging. I then added that group to my SL rule and it only turned on 10 out of the 13 lights. I can go back to the portal, devices and turn on the 3 missed lights with no issues, so it is not a signal issue. Even my turn off rule that I run at 11pm doesn't turn all of them off.

This sounds as though some of those devices don't actually support Zigbee Group Messaging. This has nothing to do with Simple Lighting. Could you try removing some of these from the Group just to see if that might be the issue?

Or, another question for you: If you turn on the Group manually from the Group device, do they all come on and all turn off?

They didn't work with zigbee group messaging turn off. Turned it on after someone suggested to turn it on. They are all Sylvania Smart+ zigbee bulbs.

The problem lies with Zigbee Group Messaging. It sends out a broadcast message, instead of the normal handshake protocol. So if a device misses the broadcast message for whatever reason, it won't turn on or off. That's a weakness in Zigbee Group Messaging. If this behavior is prevalent, we'd be better off just not even offering this feature --- OR putting big caveats out there about the fact that it may or may not actually work for a given set of bulbs.

Broadcast is always a hit or miss proposition. If it works, great, you get a nice simultaneous on effect for some bulbs. But you're seeing the downside of it.

Oh, I misunderstood this. You're saying they didn't all come on when you didn't have Zigbee Group Messaging enabled?

If so, that's a Zigbee mesh problem. Do you have any repeaters in your Zigbee setup?

@bravenel Yes all of them did not come one. I have 3 Sylvania Smart+ outlets around the house in the same place as when I was using SmartThings. I had no issues with ST after I added these 3 outlets, but I am having issues with HE.

Do these lights all respond when you turn them on or off from their respective device pages? Is it only when in a Group that they do not respond?

Just a heads up... these bulbs are somewhat notorious for being poor Zigbee repeaters. That might be a contributing cause.

But I didn't have any issues with ST. HE is on the Zigbee channel 19 as the ST was (ST hub currently unplugged). The repeaters are in the exact same location when I was using ST, so it has to be something with HE.

Not necessarily. When did you add the repeaters and when did you add the bulbs? Your mesh might not be in the exact same state as it was in ST. It sometimes takes days for a mesh to self-heal, especially if you've been adding a bunch of devices.

I'm seeing similar issue of lights not being turned on or off when in groups. I had to create RMs to basically check if any members of the group were in an opposite state to the group master/parent.

Also periodically refreshing everything that can be refreshed helps HE keep state with the actual lamps.

Neither of these should be necessary if the transport layer was reliable.

Might be useful to include this functionality in the Group app itself.

Are you using Zigbee Group Messaging in Groups? We've been seeing some issues with this feature. Or, does this happen without that option selected??