Simple Lights Not Turning on all lights

I'm my case its all z-wave its happening to currently. I have ordered some A19's to give Zigbee group messaging a try, to eliminate the popcorn effect.

Heres a thought, it seems others may be seeing similar issues with other devices eg locks. Could this be an issue when firing commands to multiple z-wave devices at the same time, that message delivery gets unreliable under these conditions? maybe they should be spread out in time, or serialized differently to not be talking when it should be listening for state change messages coming back?

Please do me a favor. Open Logs, and try turning these on. Looking for any errors that might be thrown showing up in the logs.

Also, a question for you: Have you removed any devices that used to be in the Group?

ive enabled debug logs on the members of the groups and ill pass on when I see something not working properly.

I cant remember removing any group members.

I'm interested in just the Logs from the app itself, which would show any errors thrown by the app. If for some reason it threw an error part way through the list of devices to turn on, that would kill it. That would be one possible explanation for what you're seeing.

This explains the odd happenings I get some times on some of my groups. Its random when it fails, 98% of the time it works correctly and on the next message it gets corrected anyway.

Care to share your RM code, since you have hijacked my

I thought the issue was more of a "me too" than a straight up hijack onto some other topic. Sorry.

Anyway here is my RM. Needs one for off checking and one for on checking of each group. Basically if the group goes off, and any of the members are still on, set the members to off, wait for 15 sec and cancel if the rule goes false ie the members actually do go off in the meantime.

I'm very confused by this. Why are you repeating the actions every minute?

Also, it doesn't appear that your rule has been updated correctly. Did you rename devices or something. If you look at the list of conditions and your rule itself, they do not match. It looks like you need to go in and update the rule. You should just have to go in, enter each setting and then click done.

Reason for looping due to the unreliability, sometimes even the offs dont get heard by the devices so I just repeat every minute or until the rule gets cancelled by them all actually going off.

Thx for the tip on the missing rule, I had added a new member to the group but forgot to update the rules. its a pain to have to do it at all, would be so nice if the Group app just took care of it.

I would like to see your Logs for when you turn the Group on. Could you open Logs, so it's blank. Then use the Group device to turn them on (find in on the Devices page). Then take a screenshot of the logs (on a computer best). I'm looking for errors.

Yes, but that should be handled by the group, not the individual rule. Even if all members of the group don't turn off, the group will show as off, so I doubt the loop would ever fire anyway.

There are no errors in the log, its highly random and intermittent.

The loop does fire if any member is on while the group is off

Did you try turning on the Group from its device? Did they all come on?

Thanks. I implemented 2 rules today like yours above. One for turning on all the outside lights at Sunset and then another to turn them all off at 11pm. So far so good. They all seemed to come on at sunset. I am just monitoring them tonight to see if they all go off at 11pm. Thanks for your help. Now I wont hear from my wife every morning asking me if I know some lights are still on.

New Hubitat user here, currently running

I also implemented a simple lighting rule to turn on the lights at 3:45 AM and off at 7:30 AM. What I'm seeing, in the logs, is that the job is getting triggered, but the light itself is not coming on.

I can confirm that I can turn on the lights directly via devices.

Any thoughts on this? I see some recommendations of setting up 2 rules, but that seems a less great workaround for a feature built into the app.


perhaps post a little screenshot of your rule and the logs associated

These new rules are still not fixing the problem. There seems to still be communication problems from the hub to the lights. Last night half my lights didn't come on, but if I forced it on manually, they came on.

Update on what I was seeing....

Originally, I was using the functionality of "Turn On & Set Level". That automation didn't seem to be working. However, when I switched to a more simple "Turn On" (without setting level), the automation began to work.