Simple Lighting Turn On & Set Level with GE Zigbee Dimmer

I have made an observation that I hope I can get some assistance with. I have a handful of GE Zigbee dimmers and GE Z-Wave dimmers. I setup a Simple Lighting routine to 'Turn On & Set Level' of the GE Zigbee dimmer but the lights never turn on. Running the same routine with a Z-Wave dimmer works exactly as expected

Simple Lighting Routine:
Virtual Switch: Studying
GE Zigbee Dimmer: Living Room Lights
Routine: Turn On & Set Level Living Room Lights when Studying turns on

I have been able to overcome this with Rule Machine by setting the action to Dim to X level with a fade-up between 1 and 2 seconds along with another action to turn on the switch.

I have a similar issue with Scenes as well which I suspect is related to this issue.

Is there a configuration at the switch/dimmer or driver level that can be adjusted to make the Zigbee switches behave as expected like the Z-Wave?

Thank you.

thanks for piping up! I’ve been trying to get @mike.maxwell to look at this for a while.

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I'm having this issue as well, with my Zigbee GE dimmers, and with my Sylvania Zigbee light bulbs. My GE Z wave dimmers allow turn on and set level without issue. The bulbs fail to light virtually every time I try to set a value of less than 100, and interestingly often report as being on and operating. The GE Zigbee switches only seem to have issues intermittently. In my case, the GE dimmers seem to want to route through my bulbs, making it appear the bulbs might be the issue. I'll have a lot of downtime in a couple of weeks and plan to connect my ST hub to the HE one and put the bulbs on the ST hub to see if that resolves the issue.

I am bummed to see I am not the only one with this issue. I was really hoping someone would jump in here and tell me how I'm an idiot and doing it wrong and then explain how to do it the right way.

I would be happy to help any developers at Hubitat or within the community to troubleshoot this issue, provide logs or remote access. Whatever it takes to help remedy this glitch.

I have over 40 Sylvania color bulbs and 2 of the GE zigbee dimmers. I had initially added turn on in the rules for the bulbs, because after I made the rules the bulbs didn’t come on. I later noticed that if I waited a while before trying the automation, it would work without the “on” command. I have subsequently removed the “on” command from the dimmer rules without issue. My GE dimmers route through the hub usually, although I have seen one route through one of my peanut or Samsung plugs. They were having the same issue described here, so I put them in RM.

Looks like we got some traction here! The latest Hubitat Live on YouTube mentioned a fix for Zigbee dimmers with the 2.1.4 update. Just updated and I am please to say that my GE Zigbee Dimmers are turning on with dimmer adjustments (Turn On & Set Level).

Maybe I spoke too soon. More testing required.

The new driver seems to work for me. I was previously using a custom driver to get around the issue.

Further discussion over here:

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