Show off your 'Super Tiles'


I'm starting this to get ideas for myself and others to see what we can do with Super Tile.
I know my beta testers have created some great tiles

What about the rest of you?
Why not show us all what you have done?

Any problems, issues etc should be discussed in the super tile release thread
Let's keep this thread for example tiles


[Updated] Super Tile (No more teasing! - Well maybe a little!)

Here are a couple of mine...




Here is one that @royski made for a number of rooms...


How about a 'super weather tile'?
(again created by @royski from the Apixu weather driver)



These are my first 3. They save a huge amount of space by putting everything in one tile in my settings page.


Not a tile, but a nice little site that allows you to obtain some awesome icons, to use as Picture URLs in your tiles. :+1:


These are brilliant Geoff
Good use of multiple devices on one tile :slight_smile:



I didn't want to get into discussions on the app in this thread but you can use html code to align things


Just added another Super Useful, Super Tile using @sgrayban's Raspberry PI Stats very neat way of keeping your eyes on those little buggers. :smiley:


MUCH more impressive than my latest basic tiles...

Although.. mine have some icons :slight_smile:


Roy, that looks brilliant now :slight_smile:


Andy I have been working on the Pi stats for 3 months to where I'm happy with it. Awesome app and DH. Actually 5 months thinking about it....


People don't realise how long these things take :slight_smile:


True but in my case it hasn't been a weekly work. I just worked on it when I had the time to actually dedicate to it. So for the last 3 days I busted my ass and got everything added that it needed. The last step was updating pom.xml to use the latest Maven build snapshot.

Oh and needing @Royski to be the ginny pig LOL


I usually manage to spend 4-5hrs every weekday!

Haha! He's mine too :slight_smile:


My real job won't let me LOL they have been way to demanding and I need to curb that soon.... boss is driving me insane !




how do you set it to bold the attribute status?


nvm.. basic html in text field. should have tried that first!