Show Off Your Dashboards!

I was remiss in not posting here earlier. I released an app last weekend that does some pretty interesting things with presenting data on dashboards.
Here is the original thread: [RELEASE] Tile Builder - Build beautiful tiles of tabular data for your dashboard

Here is an example of what you can do.

All tiles on here are generated by Tile Builder with the exception of the two Thermostat and the two image tiles.

Just something for other dashboard enthusiasts to check out.


I realize that dashboards are a matter of personal preference and they vary greatly. However, I have learned over the past several years that when it comes to WAF, less is more. With that said here's a screenshot of my latest creation for my wall mounted iPad. The main screen is simple with most of the things my wife cares about. With the links on the main screen connected to a total of 46 pages, you can drill down into every aspect and detail of my 300+ device smart home.


Is that a native Hubitat Dashboard as the foundation? What are you using for your video solution if you don't mind me asking.

It’s a Home Assistant mushroom dashboard. I’m using Blue Iris for my camera feeds. I also have two C5 hubs that I’m using as zigbee and Zwave controllers for HA.


hello, this is exactly what im trying to do, but not sure how to really get started, I have two ipads that staty at home Id like to do this with. can you give me some direction on how to achieve this? I have a c5 and 51 devices,

thank you

The dashboard example I posted is from Home Assistant. To replicate this you'll have to be running HA on an always on machine. You can refer to this link for details on how to install HA. Once you have HA running you will need to install the Hubitat integration for HA. If you're still interested let me know once you get Hubitat integration installed and we can go from there.

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ok thank you, I am looking at raspberry pi now. i will order one, when i get it up and running ill come back here. thank you

You might also look at Hubivue...

I have that app downloaded, it doesnt show what i want it to, or maybe i just dont know how to use it. i want it to show pictures of family members when life 360 shows that person is at home, and some of the tiles show what device but no way to change the state, for example some random light devices show on when hubitat clearly states they are off. and some tiles just plain dont have a switch but show the device name.

OK, I got my raspberry pi up and running HA, but i am having trouble getting it linked with HE, the integration is confusing to me, could you possibly dumb it down for me? not sure what HACS stands for and some other acronyms, thank you for your help

HACS is a "plugin" for Home Assistant that allows you to install other Integrations. It is to HA what HPM is to Hubitat.

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This video will show you how to install HACS.

Once you have HACS installed you can install the hubitat integration.


thank you, i got it all ready, now the mushroom card, i dont understand how to load it

It looks like you have the mushroom cards installed. To get them to load you should just have to restart HA.

Since you're new to HA dashboards this might help you get started;

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I thought I'd repost this here for anyone searching for Dashboard ideas.

These images will give you an idea of what it can do without duplicating the whole post.
Create a room.

Join rooms together.


In case anyone is interested I wrote a guide to demonstrate the easiest way to layout your house using Tile Builder Rooms with a background image and get perfect alignment.
[RELEASE] Tile Builder - Build Beautiful Tiles for your dashboard - #330 by garyjmilne?

It went from the above image to this image using this method.


This was a bit of a long term project, and I'm pretty happy with the result. I built an old-school Star Trek dashboard entirely within the Hubitat dashboard app. Mostly done with lots of CSS edits. It keeps track of the dogs bodily functions, comings and goings, AC/heater units, power consumption, temperatures. My wife is actually using it happily, which was the end goal.


OK, I'm curious -- how are you tracking when your dog does their business?

how are you tracking when your dog does their business?

Zooz Water Leak Sensor.

Kidding kidding. That's manual. The buttons on the upper right are Star Trek puns for various bodily functions - 'Open a Channel', 'Commander's Log' etc. When pushed they update the log in the upper left, so we know how long it's been.