Show Off Your Dashboards!

Here, here, the amount of patience it took for you to complete that project must be bowed down to!! Awesome work!!

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I presume, then, that "Replicator" is reserved only for when other dogs come by to visit! :smile:

This was posted in the Home Assistant forums, but I thought I'd share here. I just got one of them to test out use cases, but it seems like it could be good for those that like dashboards and don't necessarily need to mount it on the wall.

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For a dashboard console? I have a few of them, and their availability should be decent: used Surface Book (not 2 or 3). They're HORRIBLE laptops, and at this point they're basically e-waste. However, their usual failures are battery (which conveniently removes the screen for you; just need to poke a hole in the battery ... or remove the battery ... or replace the battery), keyboard failure (MS doesn't sell replacements), or charging port failure (which they conveniently have a spare in the screen ... that port never fails). Avoid ones with SSD/RAM/screen/digitiser issues. Ensure the one you get has at least 8GB of RAM, 256GB harddrive, and is an i5; because of thermals, it's faster than the i7.

I got my 2 for $100 CAD for the pair, keyboards broken on both, and one has had the chubby battery so far that I "fixed" by snipping the battery cable and poking a hold in the battery. I bought replacement chargers for $30. Both didn't have the nVidia addon, but it's actually a bane in these severely thermally limited laptops anyway.

Wiped them and reinstalled Windows 10 using the MS image (key stored internally, will probably be Windows Pro); works like new. The screen is a convenient 3:2 with a slightly-goofy 3000:2000 resolution, the touchscreen is awesome, the webcam is decent and can do Windows Hello login, and the speakers aren't worthless. They're INSANELY underpowered for almost all tasks, but randomly displaying a website, managing Outlook/ToDo, displaying recipes? All day long. I have one attached to it's factory hinge (if you need it, it's REALLLY nice) I harvested and attached under my countertop to flip down for recipes, the other is mounted in the same spot my old Nutone home paging system was, and displays my Hubitat dashboard (very boring compared to what other people have). Hoping to get a 3rd one "as spare" so I will have a consistent resolution to work from.

Thanks! I'll have to check them out and see if there are any good deals.

The point of my post was to bring attention to the Lenovo gadget in the link. However, I always appreciate finding out about cheap useful gear.

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Has anyone had success @Import'ing external fonts (for text mainly, not just icons) into Dashboard using Advanced > CSS? I tried a few examples pitched in other threads, to no avail. Would appreciate seeing a sample of someone's working syntax!

I have been using MS Edge, with the mini windows on the right. I can pin the Dash or unpin it, but it's always available to me. Added a single camera so i can see the porch, I think i might add my driveway too, but we'll see. and the Room's Icon lets me move to other Dash's that I use on my phone/edge

i have a large dash for everything that I need, but this lets me switch between rooms.. but the Office one that I use, is the room that I use obviously when im on the computer :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice idea you can just slide the sidebar out when needed.

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That's cool! I just changed jobs and Brave Browser is not an option (strictest I.T. polices that I have ever worked under) so I might try Edge instead of Chrome to check it out.

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