Show Off Your Dashboards!


From WU Site:

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Weather Underground as part of The Weather Company, an IBM business, now offers a series of Data Packages that tap into the breadth and depth of weather data to provide current and forecast conditions, seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts, lifestyle indices, severe weather and historical weather data.

With The Weather Company, you can take advantage of these packages quickly and easily, accessing weather data APIs via the Cloud. The packages are curated to give you only what you need in the format you need it. You can Incorporate weather data into your applications or combine business data with weather data such as alerts and notifications, forecast data, and weather imagery, then apply advanced analytics to build the foundation for informed enterprise decision-making.

To improve our services and enhance our relationship with our users, we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program. If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution.


Old news...Lot's of discussion about WU here:


APIXU is a great alternative.


Everything has been working fine since I have set it up except I am having an issue with the weather not displaying at times. It shows 'This key does not exist'. Is there a way to fix it?


Sorry if this as been asked before or if the option is available but I looked around and couldn’t find the answer. I don’t have Hubitat yet but highly considering it. But before going this way, I’m wondering if there’s a possibility to add an alarm keypad as a tile in the dashboard. I have a konnected module but I will need a tile to disarm my alarm when i enter the house or arm when I leave. Thanks for the info!


Hubitat has the option to require a PIN before loading a dashboard screen.

If you want to have per tile PIN protection and a PIN entry keypad that pops up to protect selected tiles, check out which is a dashboard system that natively integrates with Hubitat

More details here:


This is great! Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I’ll have a look


Hey JOsh, I just had a quick look at SharpTools and it look like it could work exactly as I wanted. Just a quick question though, I understand that Sharptools required an active connection. SO what happens if I setup a tile with a passcode and that I lose my internet connection when I try to disable the alarm. Would it still work? Thanks again for your help!


For posterity sake, i'll include my dashboard.


That's correct that SharpTools requires an active connection to Hubitat.

Any actions, like changing HSM status require a connection in the current design, so they would not work without a connection.

A number of people use SharpTools and have fallback Hubitat dashboards which they can use if they have an extended internet outage. :smiley:


Not much to look at yet - but live video in the dashboard is nice.


How did you get your video to be live?



Dashboards, meh. The only use I have for one is when I'm away, and even then mostly only to verify that the house shutdown as expected. If you have to resort to a dashboard for day to day room operation, you've already failed. Everything should work via automation or voice.

Yeah ok sorry, this is something of a sh*t post, but it is the goal I have for my house.


Getting near Christmas. Bah humbug.........


Yeah but jsut because you have a dashboard doesnt mean you are using it for control. Sometimes I just like to see the overall status.


There's no one in my house that would use a Dashboard.

I have a few to monitor my system, especially the battery devices. Every few days I will grab an iPad, open my "Motion Sensors" dashboard and walk a pattern through the house. I'll watch all the motion sensors go active and those that don't get their battery replaced.

Yes, I would love it if the system would prevent me from getting exercise twice a week. But given the battery tech, Li Ion, and their falloff curve, it's not likely in my lifetime. :slight_smile:

Similarly I have a dashboard for the Door and Window Sensors, which is physically more beneficial to my exercise regime, since I have to open and close doors and windows. :slight_smile: Upper and lower body vs only lower for the motions!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


My family is going to stick around with dashboard for a long time. It's probably next to impossible to automate things with our schedule.
I am in a process of mounting my 17.5" tablet on the wall right now. Will probably run, HE dashboard and raincalendar.


This is my thoughts exactly! I just implemented homevridge so I can reduce my investment in echo devices throughout the house. Everyone carries their phone with them so Siri is a great voice option for areas of the house where Alexa isn’t in.

As for dashboards I do use (2) wall mount fire tablets to display weather, news, calendar and also main house functions like disable HSM, auto start cars, quick view of door security, etc.


If you have to walk over to the wall to use the panel you could have just kept the old switches and saved yourself a lot of time and money. If it's actually less trouble to light the room manually than automatically, what's the point?