Show Off Your Dashboards!


I have a dashboard that I access from a chrome “add to home screen” window, and I’ve noticed that a weather jpeg tile tends to get “stuck.” Other tiles with local devices and sensors don’t seem to get stuck. It’s a fire tablet, but a 2015 model so it’s rooted and running cyanogenmod OS.

I don’t run into the same issue when I access the dashboard from a tab in safari on my iPhone (although that’s obviously reloading the whole page each time I bring that tab to the foreground).


Not directly related to the dashboards but what mounts are you guys using? I am looking for a wall mount which is not so obtrusive.


I use this one. It's big, but very sturdy. Acrylic Security Enclosure for Kindle Amazon Fire 7 HD 6 8 10 | Etsy


This is what I am using @Smartsmartsmart


Thanks. I'll see if I can recreate the issue on mine. I use it for testing releases and haven't seen a stuck tile. However, if the tablet has weak wifi, and drops a packet with the update, the tile will be "stuck" until the 5 minute refresh occurs.


Here is how my dashboards are setup. They have been this way for a few months and I am happy with it.


How did you get everything to center?


You can change the position (row/column) of any tile. You can also set the size of any individual tile.

So depending on the number of tiles you want to center, you simply add an additional row/column...and/or stretch the tiles across one or more rows/columns.

Make sense?



Are you using Wallpaper engine on Steam? Looks great!


Yea, It seems to work well.


Instead of tablet. Anyone using 20"+ touchscreen monitor on a wall mount?


I've seen people use large devices like the 18.4" Samsung Galaxy View for wall mounted dashboards before:


I have installed both but can't figure out how I use DAKboard as screensaver and automatically switch when touched or motion detected.


Hi, on your DAKboard tablet, Go into Settings, Web Content Settings, Start URL...this is your HE Dashboard URL. Then go into Screensaver playlist and add in your dakboard URL. You will also find the screensaver timeouts and tons of other options in settings (like motion).

You can change what is on your screensaver by visiting the DAKboard website. Should find them under the screens, background tab. Can also add weather, calendars and more.


How are you doing your background images? I have never got them to work. Where are they stored?


So the above is for Fully Kiosk Browser, right? And how do I setup DAKboard as screensaver?


Let's try this again....

  1. Download Fully Kiosk Browser on your tablet.
  2. Open Fully Kiosk Browser on your tablet
  3. Drag the menu out from the left side off the screen
  4. Click on 'Settings'
  5. Click on 'Web Content Settings'
  6. Click on 'Start URL'
  7. Enter in your HE Dashboard URL
  8. Go back to Menu, Click on "Screensaver (PLUS)'
  9. Click on 'Screensaver Playlist'
  10. Add in your Dakboard URL

There are many OPTIONAL settings that you can play around around and see what else is available (ie. Motion settings)

Go to and sign in. All options for what displays on the screensaver can be found there. (Google pictures, date/time, calendars, etc)

Hope this helps.


It definitely did. Got it working. Thanks.


See the thread below for how to get layer tiles. Images are stored on the web. Some are direct links, others I have stored in my github repository.