Show Off Your Dashboards!


What's not working with the links?


They're supposed to be Spotify, LIFX Control, and Youtube. They use the android "intent" link format. They've worked okay with Sharptools and ActionTiles, but don't seem to do anything here.


I believe links were broken in one of the recent updates. I thought I reported that somewhere in the forum.

I used them as back buttons.


This should be addressed in the next release.


That 1.1.4 release is starting to sound more like a 1.2.0 release. Looking forward to it. Looks like there are a lot of fixes in it.


Yeah I'm pretty excited about the dashboard now. It's so nice to have such fast response time when pressing tiles.


Keep in mind the refresh is defaulted to 2 for local lan connections. If you want it even faster, you can change it to 1 second :slight_smile: however it does double the requests (most are empty responses) to the hub.


Yes, I found that. I noticed sometimes there's a lag when it updates the display - ie: the tile remains dark for a few seconds, and sometimes even gets stuck that way. I'm sure you're already aware of this.


The lag is the refresh interval. It shouldn't get stuck under normal circumstances. If you have a means to recreate a stuck state before the 5 minute refresh, I'd love to look into it. There is an edge case, where the refresh interval fires before the update, but it would have to be within 20ms of the press and refresh interval... That is why we went with 2 seconds instead of 1.

Ultimately, we'd love to move away from polling but doing that remotely is a challenge. But most of the polls are empty data coming back anyway, so we don't need to get all the data every poll, just the changed data.


Yeah, 2 seconds is pretty good. I can't get it to get stuck with 2. It's not perfectly uniform every time, but it sounds like that's to be expected to some degree.

What's the 5 minute refresh?


Every 5 minutes the dashboard does a full refresh, basically a data reload of devices and the layout. Just a safety / clean up thing like a heart beat.

If you change devices, names or labels, etc. that will update every 5 minutes to other dashboards.


Scratch that, I'm not getting it stuck on my phone, but I am getting sticky tiles on the wall panel. (Fire tablet, Fully).


happens 100% of the time on all tiles or just a specific device / driver?


Looks like all of them. These are four different device types. Seems to get caught up randomly.


But it only happens on that device or other devices?


Not sure what you mean. The ones that are darkened in the image are 4 different device types. They're all getting stuck temporarily in the darkened state after pressing them. Not 100% of the time - it's random.


I was referring to the tablet, does it happen say in chrome on a desktop?


I think @patrick is asking if the issue only occurs on that tabet....or does it also happen if you open that same dashboard on another device like your phone.


aHa. No problems using chrome on my desktop. No problems using chrome on a Google Pixel. Big problems using Fully Kiosk on a Fire Tablet.


The issue exists using both Chrome and Fully on the Fire tablet. So the issue involves the Fire somehow.