Show Off Your Dashboards!

Once you have your camera device defined, you will find a variable named "imageUrl" within the Current States in the right side, like this:

Copy the full URL into the Image Url of the "image" template and set your interval.

tried that, no luck :thinking:

scrap that its started to work now :smile:

That looks so good @rickyturner - I'd love to get to that level one day.

are these fire tablets / what size ?

Thank you! They are indeed Fire 7 tablets. Got them for ~$24 each on eBay, got the mounting frame things for them with power cable on eBay as well. The REALLY nice thing about these only as of very recently, is that I unlocked the bootloader on them, which allowed me to install TWRP, and thus any android ROM I wanted. Picked a very light, fast stock Android, so no more FireOS and LOCK SCREEN NONSENSE. So these turn off (completely off) in the dark, and turn on when there's motion in the light. No more of that black screensaver hack...that's not dark enough for me to sleep.
I think I recently saw that someone has a Fully Kiosk Remote device/app for Hubitat, so I'm thinking about looking into tying the power on state to motion sensors other than the tablet, so they can still work in the dark. Maybe I can even have them automatically switch to a different dashboard per mode? Looking into it...
The design of these, as I said, is a work in progress (more like in constant flux), and I'm doing it all in SharpTools. They make it easy to make really nice looking boards.


great future HA inspo right there. Thanks for sharing.

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Wanted to share a new dashboard I just created that I'm loving. The purpose of my dashboard is a quick glance overview of the status of the house with some control built in.
I decided to use the floorplans I had built in homedesigner as a background and then overlay buttons over the top of the floorplan.
I am only showing one room of my house here as to not give away my entire floor layout to the internet, but you can get the idea. The top pic is with motion active and lights on. Bottom pic is motion inactive and lights off.
I have both up and downstairs floorplans of my house as large tiles on the dashboard. Then, I added motion and door status as well as light control/status on top of those tiles in the position physically where they exist in the house.
I changed the templates of the tiles to be almost transparent when no activity and then red when active (yellow when on for lights).
Now with one glance I can tell where motion is active, if doors are open and if lights are on.

Inspirational, with a little luck I will get my HE in the mail tomorrow...
A couple of you are showing cameras in the Dashboard, is it possible to show the Arlo cameras in dashboard somehow?

this is fantastic! can you show a brief screen shot or other tutorial on how you did this? I am getting lost at creating the rule for say volume up - it would be so easy if you could just take the command in the device page and make them a button in a dashboard :slight_smile:

Weekends are for beers and/or family.. not to work, LOL

lcw731 what I did is to have a http website working inside my intranet to share all needed files (I used HFS software which is very lite and you don't need to code anything, it will create the website).
On that I have sounds, images, playlists. Then on the dashboard tiles or in the Apps I use the http address just copying the link. Here is the HFS website as an example

I use windows 8.1 on that PC but I know there are many similar softwares for linux as well.

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Maybe stupid question....will this driver only work on Roku's Tv (I don't know that brand :thinking: ) ?

Roku is the operating system for the tv. I think tcl and sharp are the only tv manufacturers which use it. You can also buy a Roku stick which you plug into one of the TV's HDMI ports. The driver will only work for Roku TV's or TV's with a plugged in Roku stick. I heard there is another community driver for Samsung TVs as well, but I can't vouch for it.

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Can't do screenshots as I moved yesterday and haven't set my hub up yet, but basically, first I went to rule machine and created custom commands (or custom actions I always forget which ones are in the general rule machine UI as opposed to the rule ui) for all of the actions I wanted my remote to perform. So there was one for volume up, one for volume down, one for power, everything except for the inputs because they are already child devices with button functionality in the driver. Then I made virtual buttons in my devices page each of which had the name of the command I wanted them to perform. Then I made a very simple rule machine rule for each action. When virtual buttons is pressed, perform custom action. Last I made the dashboard itself.

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How did you create your weather tile?


Install that in Hubitat and Sharptools makes that beautiful weather tile for it.


Nick. Appreciate you posting this. I just recently set up my home alarm in HE with a Konnected IO configuration and also would like a code. My plan is to put some type of smart tablet in a few areas and if i do that - it would be great to have some other dashboard control options included on the same tablet.
What program are you using for that view?

Wow. Really nice. How did u do that

Sorry, only just saw this.
That dashboard was built with the original version of the dashboard. I'm pretty sure it can still be done but I have an updated version now.

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awesome display.

Not ideal but i moved images to aws S3 bucket. Since this is for dash background i allowed access to any IP in the world. This way you get the same dash background even on my cloud dash links when not connected to home wifi. If you need them for local dash links you can restrict access to images from S3 bucket to your home public ip address only. This way you can load them without needing to auth with anything like OneDrive