Show Off Your Dashboards!

I think you need to have Kiosk mode enabled to override the home yes, I believe you need a licensed version.

Those are HE dashboards ! @pcgirl

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@Ryan780 yes you can. Look under Kiosk settings and whitelist any app you want to run.

So for those wondering about my cameras those are Raspberry PI cameras that are served by a program called motion. It supplies a mjpeg feed so I used the image attribute to show the camera.


I use motion in my setup as well. In fact, I trigger an HTTP call to motion to trigger it to record cameras on an HSM alert. You have to enable the http endpoints from more than just localhost but it works very well.

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I finally completed a dashboard using Dashboard 2.0 and this is probably the most satisfied I have been with the look and performance of a dashboard since I started messing with SmartTiles(aka ActionTiles) a few years back. WAF is through the roof as well...I just need to make afew more for the Bedrooms and to monitor lock/contact status.

Thanks again @patrick.


Very nice!

WAF is ALWAYS a plus !!

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You’re able to change the icons? Are these the ones built in?

Thanks...I just realized my Front Porch lights icon is missing. Must fix!!

Edit: Fixed...ahh...WAF maintained.


I took pictures of my furniture and uploaded them.

Just Kidding!!
Google Images is your friend. I just look for transparent images and tweak them with the Windows 10 built in Paint3D app. Save them to my web server and voila!!

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lol! So you're using the background image option then?


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Hmmm...just this weekend I decided it would be cool if I could have my Fire tablet go to Show Mode when Fully Kiosk goes to sleep. Right now I have a URL to Dakboard set.

I don't know anything about Android intent links, but if I can find out that info for Show Mode, seems like that would work? Has anybody tried that?

Hi, I have put a link in a tile within a Dashboard. It doesn't open until I click or touch the tile.

How can I get the link to be open on the tile as soon as the dashboard it is part of opens? & remain the same size as the tile it is on. Currently when I click on the tile, it opens the link to the full Dashboard size.

A link tile just creates a clickable link to another website. There is no way to put an entire website into a tile in dashboard.

not going to lie.. the ability to use a tile as a frame would make for some really nice

edit scratch that.. i can add a dashboard to a frame... NICE.. why did this never click with me..

We did some early tests with supporting an iframe as a tile. The issue is there are many sites that escape iframes and would break dashboard to the point of having to start over assuming you had a backup of your layout...

However, we made sure that dashboard can be embedded into iframes (the /dashboards link in the hub ui is a good example). So you could do the opposite.

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haha, your in my head.. the dashboard in the UI is what made it click that it would work

All these dashboards are amazing!! This is just my lowly heat circulation dashboard. Shows all my temp sensors and blower/fan automation.


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