Share Your 2.0 Dashboards


I was going to mess with him about his pool, too... LOL. Although I've had mine that color more than once, so maybe I shouldn't poke fun.

I'm in Texas so I keep my pool open year round, which makes it a little easier to keep blue all the time (at the cost of more chemical use and maintenance).

In fact, getting in it tonight. :smile:


It's on my list, I swear! :blush: It's only been above freezing for a short time here and nothing but rain. I'm going to try to squeeze it in this weekend but as you can see from the cameras, I have multiple projects to tackle, including getting all of my daughter's post college junk out of my garage! :astonished: If only there were about 30 hours in a day...




One thing that I would like to see is expanding the images when you touch them.


Agreed. I am hoping this happens soon.


I'm hoping for the ability to export and import themes. :smiley:


Beginnings of my dashboard:

I would love to be able to use Font Awesome's icons, but alas, they are font not images


Expanding images would be great. We'd like to be able to touch a security camera tile and have it expand to fill the whole screen.


Can someone tell me step-by-step how to get a video-like windows on a dashboard? I have a C3 ezviz, but I can get a wyze or any other suggested device. Does a cam in HE still need a cloud account to work?


Anyone figured out how to get icons for the Fan tile template? @patrick maybe?

Also, I'd love to be able to control the light-kit in the fan separately from the fan speed as two different tiles.


In the Fan Controller driver preferences there is an option to create 2 child for light and 1 for fan speed. You can then add each of these to your dashboard.

Here's one of my dashboards


What template are you using for the fans in your dashboard?


Fan template. The picture you see is a background image (not icon) for the tile.


Gotcha. I also just tried a dimmer template and that works nicely too! It will auto adjust the level to the nearest 25% like the fan template.


Interesting. I may switch to that template then. I hate the fact that the fan template has BOTH the percentage and the text for the fan speed. Unnecessarily cluttered for me.


Muchas gracias for this. Much cleaner now.


@ekimmagrann what did you edit to get dashboard tiles to be half height in your example?


If you count small tile rows you will see I have 9 rows. My home button takes up 3 rows while my small tiles take only 1 row. My action tiles are 2 rows. Click on gear icon to change number of total rows and click on 3 dots each tile to specify tile height.



So I setup the exact same colum and row as you have set. I'm mimicing your layout, yet my weather image isn't working properly. I'm missing the bottom info, and the top info. How can I see the whole iamge?


The work around i use for that is make it a link tile, use the stream url as the background image and the link....


@stephack, those background images are pretty cool on your dashboard. Where did you find those images?