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The top and bottom ones are both from Weather Underground. The US map is just:

For the top one, go to the radar site's page on Wunderground. Here's the page for ours: Fort Polk Radar | Weather Underground. Once you have the image setup the way you want it, scroll down to the bottom and click on Save Image. That'll open a new tab with your customized radar loop. You can use that URL for your image tile.

The one in the middle is from NOAA. I'm not sure if there's a more friendly way to find your radar, so you may have to go digging through here: Index of /ridge/lite/N0R. Mine is: If you don't know the 3 letter code for your radar site, there's a list of them by state here: NWS JetStream - RIDGE Radar Downloads

#22 can help you locate the radar site you want.


I do five seconds because it's probably taxing on the hub to do it anymore... Maybe?
On I do 1 second because YOLO.


That weather tile was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Mboarman!


It must be reporting that as a state. Check out the gear -> Advanced -> Devices and look for the state.

Also, awesome looking dashboard!


@thiago How did you get the thermostat setup? I like your layout?


Perfect! Thank you for the detailed reply.


Do you go straight from the Nest cam to HE or something else in between? I am looking for a doorbell that can directly interact with my HE.


I mean it goes through their cloud.
The built in Nest application (which no longer exists for new users) has attributes for motion detection, person detection and sound detection but there are some issues with person detection.

I brought it up with @nh.schottfam and his Nest Integration might have the issue fixed as I think they are about the same codebase. You have to pay $5/mo for person detection. At the end of the day I don't value my doorbell cam's integration with Nest that much but I might switch to @nh.schottfam 's and see if doing something based off of motionPerson is more meaningful to me.

At the end of the day the cloud is for sure in the middle of this integration.


Finally making some progress with the new dashboards!


Trying it a bit more meenimal:


Just which we could define the spacing between the tiles. They seem too close to each other


I am pretty sure you can. Try setting the gap, I am not sure the exact name for this under advanced settings.


Under advanced settings, there is a setting for "gridGap". Made my spacing a little larger.


Called Grid Gap.


Are those media tiles/links? or just snapshots of the radar and weather?


They're image links. The 7-day is a local weather station. And the intellicast is an animated image, direct from their respective pages:


cool I do this now in Sharptools but didnt know I could in Hubitat


I put this together today. This is actually the third or fourth different version I've done since 2.0 came out. I feel like this is the best one I've done so far, but I'm still exploring different layouts and navigation paradigms. I'm running this dashboard on a Fire HD 10 mounted on a wall over a recessed USB outlet that I installed specifically for this purpose.

I'm pretty happy with the new release. I do have an issue with the Hue integration. The tile works in terms of my ability to control Hue devices, but if I use the Hue app or Alexa to change the state of the bulbs (e.g. turn them off, change dimmer level, etc) it is never reflected in the Dashboard. Other than that, everything works great and I think it looks a LOT better than Dashboard 1.0.




I love your dashboard! good job. I really like the organization. My only criticism is..... your pool is GREEN! and can you change the color with your HE? :laughing: