Sequence commands (macro)

Hi, Before I shell out for a hubitat hub at £130 Can anyone tell me if its possible to sequence commands. I.e to turn on a TV, turn on my receiver, change the receiver input. Close the curtains etc etc? I cant see anything on this in the forum.

Many Thanks

yes you can do this, typically with one of the automation apps such as

  • simple automation
  • rule machine
  • webCoRE
  • echo speaks

Thank you are there any examples anywhere ? and do you know where I can purchase one from. Thank You

Perhaps one more thing to confirm is what device / service you are wanting to automate, to also make sure they are compatible, unless you have done that already...

You can purchase the hub via the Hubitat web site. They sell different international versions to account for different frequencies and power requirements.

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Thank you so much for a prompt answer. I have some Tuya devices, Lightwave dimmers and Sony projector / Blueray plus Onkyo Receiver. I also have some Alexa controlled devices?

There is a list of devices that are natively supported by the HE hub and then others rely on Community developed integrations normally. Hopefully someone else can get you the link to the compatible devices list. (bit hard on my phone)...

I probably got a little over enthusiastic, as I don't have any real experience with the devices you listed.... In terms of your AV equipment, how do you control them? Do you use anything like a Harmony remote or similar smart remote system?

The Tuya stuff you should investigate more, you may need to go via IFTTT or flash the firmware if you can, I'm not sure.



Here's the list of officially and natively supported devices...

To @sburke781's point there are plenty of other devices that are supported by community apps but some investigation would be required to make sure they will work. For instance many zigbee devices will work fine using generic drivers even if they are not explicitly supported. Wifi is a different matter and definitely requires more research.


I have been controlling my devices via a program called irule which is being discontinued. I control via IP commands and via a itach IR blaster device.

Can you alter how a tile looks other than the colour ?

The visual adjustments to a tile through the regular dashboard interface are somewhat limited, but CSS opens up a whole world of possibilities

There is a NOOBS guide to css thread you might be interested in.

You may also be I interested to look up Smartly

You may also want to look through the Show off your dashboards thread to see some examples

There is also a custom app for Android you might be interested in...

I should probably stop now .. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will take a look. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

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No worries. The simple answer to your question would have been just "yes".... :slightly_smiling_face:

Also looks like Bryan, one of the most active developers on the Community, has developed some drivers for iTach

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