Sensor with screw terminals for external contacts/switch

Is the Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO still the best bet for a sensor with screw terminals that can be used for an external contact or switch? I have several and they work fine - just wondering if I am missing something new, better, etc. (Feeling lazy - not interested in cutting and soldering)


The Aeotec Door/Windows Sensor 7 also has the screw terminals. Not sure of how well it performs though. It's sitting on my desk not in use yet.

As it happens, I've been researching screw terminal contact sensors this week. The Ecolink still seems to be tops. I have 3, all working well.

But I want zigbee from here out, so I'm going to have to solder. Easiest mod looks to be the Visonic.

I was hoping there might be a Zigbee option . . . I would prefer it.

Thanks. I didn't know about that one.

Not zigbee but I have a couple fibaro contact sensors.

One of them I have a temperature sensor wired into so I can monitor the temperature of my pool. The second I have a float switch wired to to monitor my pool water level.

Works well.

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I'm still using the older GoControls (3 of them). When they die, I'll look for a zigbee replacement.

For others that might read this thread, the Visonic mod with pic of the solder points;

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This is neat hack :slight_smile: However keep in mind when connecting across the internal reed switch the inputs have no protection from AC pickup or ESD damage coming in on the added wires.

I don't know for sure but I would assume the ECOLink device has some input protection since the board is expecting wires coming from the outside the case.


I'm trying to wrap my head around what folks are using the screw terminals for on the Ecolink. I have a few. Are they using the Ecolink as a bridge, so to speak, from another non-wireless/Zwave contact into a Zwave joined contact? I have a driveway IR sensor that's got output terminals on the receiver that activate when it gets signal that driveway sensor sees something. Can I wire that output into the Ecolink terminals and then configure that Ecolink Zwave contact in Hubitat to notify me? I guess first question is, are those Ecolink terminals INPUTs or OUTPUTs???

Yes, pretty much any dry contact/relay switch can be wired to the INPUT terminals on the ecolink z-wave contact sensor.

When the attached contact closes, the ecolink sensor will change status and send an event to Hubitat.


This. They are dry contact terminals. I use them for all manner of things including:

  1. As a power monitor
  2. Determining whether the air-handler blower is running
  3. Garage door tilt sensor

Now I'll beg your pardon for my ignorance. The driveway receiver has both Normally Open and Normally Closed output terminals. Which do I wire into the Ecolink's normally open(?) dry contact terminals? Normally Open to Normally Open right?

Yes if the device has both NO and NC outputs, I believe you’d use the normally open output.

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