Hardwire Door Contact to ZWave/Zigbee

Does anyone have recommendations for converting hardwired door contacts to ZWave into Hubitat?

Well, one simple way is to use the external contacts in a Ecolink contact sensor.

There also Hubitat integrations for konnected.io and Envisalink, with the latter being a community integration, if you are willing to consider choices other than z-wave.

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I hardwired some reed switches in my garage with a shelly wifi relay. I'm planning on doing the windows, door and garage doors in another outbuilding all on one circuit just so I'll know if something is left open.
I'm 99% sure you can do the same with zooz zen16/17 relays as well which are zwave.

Zen 17 can do it as well and you can connect 2 wired sensors to one.

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Good thread on this topic with more info/options/etc...

What is it you are trying to do. If it is simply one sensor you need to hard wire then the ecolink option may be better. If you need something that acts as a sensor and then triggers a behavior/action the zen16/zen17 may be what you want.

I have 5 contact zones that I simply want to monitor or alert on when an open/close status change occurs.

Let me provide a little more detail. I have about 30 openings with wired door/windows sensors, wired in 5 different zones. I am looking for a way to get these sensors to be monitored in Hubitat, whether it is Wifi, Zwave or Zigbee. The Zooz Zen devices look promising but I would need more than one device, multiple outlets for power. I was hoping to find a single device that would support all 5 zones.

Look into an envisalink or konnected.io board