Sense Energy Monitor

Yes Hubitat integration with the Sense Energy Monitor would be amazing.

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You can integrate them via Node-RED.

I sent an email to Sense supporting asking if a Hubitat integration was on their list of development projects. The reply simply said that they don't disclose what they are working on or not.

I have looked at the Node-RED integration, and will need to put some more time into understanding Node-RED and how it works. After my initial look, I have to admit I am a bit overwhelmed / intimidated by the setup. Any pointers or easy how-tos for this integration?
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Thank you Reid, I would love this to be an easier plug and play integration, but will start to look more in-depth into the Node-RED integration as well.
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Looks more intimidating than it is.

Yes, I would start here:
Tutorials : Node-RED

For Hubitat-specific information, I would recommend these four threads:

  1. Node-RED nodes for hubitat
  2. Node-Red Palette: Common Choices
  3. Raspberry PI Image for Homebridge + Node-Red
  4. Node-Red Flow Samples/Sharing

Once you're up and running, I'd be happy to help you with integrating Sense and Hubitat.


@aaiyar Based on your offer I assume you have this working? I have read of some users experiencing issues with this integration causing issues connecting via their mobile app. I tried briefly last year after I purchased my Sense and had some challenges with my app and access to data. Wasn’t sure if this was a coincidence to me setting up a simple NodeRed flow or a blip in my setup but haven’t tried to integrate since then. Maybe things improved.

Seems to work ok here with the mobile app. However, I have to be careful not to inundate NR with too much data from Sense, or it crashes.

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Just curious what you may be integrating/automating with Sense? I don't have enough confidence in my device detection to feel like it could reliably be used for anything other than total kW indication.

A couple high wattage devices - electric dryer, water heaters.

Thank you very much aaiyar. Much appreciated. I will start to dive in soon.
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Check out the sense forums. There are opportunities to use any energy monitor plug for integration with Sense.

I use Zooz, tp-link and topgreen plugs and integrate them into Sense. So much easier and those other plugs are easier to work with then the chunky tp
link plugs blocking the other outlet.

I didn't know that. Can you post a link please (I'm lazy!)?


Anyone else who wants the links let me know

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Is this using the emulator? I’ve read that thread on the Sense Community but curious if you are referring to something else. If only Sense had a local web socket we could connect to via local IP :disappointed_relieved:

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I've been using Sense for a little over a year now and it's been a popular request on the community forum. The official response is always that it's possible, but low in priority, and that you should vote for it by liking this post on the product wishlist.

Yes, please!

+1, links would be awesome!

I've been following along, and tried to set up Node-Red with the (unofficial) Sense palette. As soon as I configured my Sense account, CPU spiked to 100% on my Raspberry Pi. Is your configuration similar to this, or are you doing something else?

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