Sengled Bulbs on a C8

Any word from the developers on when we might see a fix to keep some sengled bulbs from dropping off the zigbee network when using a C8? I am also still having issues with contact sensors as well.

1 Like seems to be a pretty big improvement for a lot of folks. Since I upgraded to .118 and switched the stack to the new stack things have been much better. I did lose a couple of ST water leak sensors that were re-paired on .118 but other than that things are OK. My two Sengled bulbs have been functioning OK and my contact sensors are all back online after re-pairing. Not saying we're out of the woods yet but I think there has been progress.

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I have Sengled on a c7 and for the first time in more than a year, this week (2 days ago) - it stopped working. imho its not just c8 - I think its the toying with Zigbee in the latest versions - in the last 3 days I've had 4-5 issues that can't be explained other than my zigbee network being in trouble. Sensors not working, (a contact and a motion), the sengled bulb, and locked up hub (twice). I was just about to look at how to load previous versions without loosing my work when I read your post.

Are hubs using the same Zigbee channel by any chance? Just double checking...

I've had Sengled fall off on .121 within the first day.

My hubs (C8 & C7) are on two different Zigbee channels. Bulbs are on C8.

Happened on earlier releases as well...I haven't been able to find anything in the logs connected to the drop offs. They just fall off and stop responding. I can re-join them and they typically fall off again at some point. Both White Classic and Color.

So far on .121 just the color Sengled has dropped, two white classic are still connected after one day.

Happy to test/report anything you'd like to help figure this out, Victor.

Have you done an extended power down? I reported elsewhere about having an issue with some SmartThings motion sensors after finally moving to .118. First thing I tried was shutting down and pulling power to the hub (ended up being for about 30 minutes) and haven't had an issue since powering back on.

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I haven't done that on the CA but I did do that on the C7 and it didn't help at the time.

I'll give that a shot later today.

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Sengled bulbs have been killing me since moving everything to a C8. Previously was running a C3 for most devices with a secondary hub running older zigbee devices. I updated to this latest build this morning and now struggling to get Sonoff devices back on the mesh. I've got multiple GE in-wall switches for mesh strength along with half dozen Tradfri plugs to help with Sonoff and Xiaomi devices. Sengled bulbs and Sonoff devices were solid on the C3 and C5. Sengled bulbs don't show proper state and often don't respond to app commands including commands coming from Google Home connection. WAF is testing a low I've not seen in at least 3 years.

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I had 2 C-5 hubs and could only keep my Sengled bulbs connected to 1 of them. The only real difference (since the hubs were mounted 6 inches apart) was the zigbee channel and the Sylvania lights on the one they wouldn't stay connected to. The hub that the remaining Sengled is connected to (I replaced the other one with Hue) is now a C-8 and does have 2 Hue plugs and 5 Samsung plugs that the other hub doesn't have. They both have Sonoff dongles, GE in-wall dimmers, and a couple Sylvania plugs.

I tried 2 Sylvania bulbs several years back. They caused stability issues on my C3 hub that I attributed to them being repeaters. When I left the old GE Wink and Cree repeating bulbs behind in favor of non-repeating Sengled bulbs, is when I got to a point of stability on both of my hubs.

I've seen a few posts today mentioning potential issues with Sonoff devices. I have 2 of their in-wall mini switches and now wondering if they have anything to do with the issue. At the moment they have both dropped off so if I see improvements with Sengled bulbs that might say something.

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FWIW I have an older Sengled "classis" white only. I've never seen it drop off.

I did update this morning to .121 and some things seem better but I am still noticing issues. I put a chime rules on my contact sensors so I can tell when they report open and right after the upgrade and reboot everything was instant. 4 hours in and I started noticing misses where opening a door didn't cause the chime to trigger. I don't really have a good test for singled bulbs as I swapped the last two out that were giving me issues last night with WiFi bulbs because I couldn't turn them off. However if people are saying they are still having issues I 100% believe them.

Question: Will a dropped out Zigbee device show in the Zigbee logs, or is the only way to know is a loss in function?


I don't believe so.

A good way to monitor and get notifications is the Device Activity Check app (in Hubitat Package Manager).

You can choose devices you want to monitor (in separate groups) and then get notifications if they stop communicating w/the hub (measured through one of four types of indicators). You can also set it up so the app sends a "Refresh" command to the devices before checking their status so that you have feedback on their current status.

Search for Device Activity Check in HPM...very good tool to have around in general.

I have the Device Activity Check going and have not had any devices drop out. My zigbee devices are mostly monitored by DAC and have shown no dropouts.

One thing I had to be conscious of in terms of device activity check was that I had some Hue sensors that would report temperature and lux, but were no longer reporting motion. So those I had to track more directly.

So it's been a few days and my Sengled bulbs (one color, two 1500 lumen extra bright) have been holding on. Maybe their short-term retirement for Hue bulbs scared them a little. :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed, this seemed to have worked for far

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What happens when you unplug your hub for that long is you put your Zigbee devices into what's called panic mode. They will all rebuild their neighbor tables and preferred routing when you plug in your hub again.

I wanted to come back to say that after saying I had no problems, I started having a few problems. I had one Sengled bulb that kept not wanting to turn off. I also had a few motions sensors that started intermittently being delayed to update.

For repeaters, I had two GE switches and about 5 or so Ikea repeaters. I've had an Xbee ZigBee mesh kit sitting in a drawer for a few months now, so I finally set them all up, added them to the mesh, and removed all of the Ikea repeaters. I haven't had a single issue since settings then up earlier this past week.