Send SMS or Email via App

Are there built in methods for us to send an SMS or Email from an App?

There is for SMS, although we impose a 10 message per day cap on it. There is not for email.

sendSms(phoneNo, msg)

phoneNo must be in the form (for US) +1xxxyyyzzzz, as a string.

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Thank you.

To work around this all I have created an IFTTT webhook for myself that will send a webhook command that will let me email/text/notify or even call my phone.

It works well for now but just wanted to know if there was something integrated.

Thanks for the info.

A good suggestion for @josh - Add that capability to SharpTools?

SharpTools has support for email, SMS, and Pushbullet notifications with Hubitat via the SharpTools Rule Engine.

Note that we send the SMS notifications from our platform so they don't come out of your daily Hubitat allocation. :grinning:


@gavincampbell See how fast @josh is! :rofl: He added it in just 16 minutes. :wink:


I should note that the SharpTools SMS are limited to the US and Canada for now. IIRC, one or both of you are from Canada? I'm not sure if our provider supports Canada or not.

We both are. :(. It’s ok though.

It looks like Canada should be supported. We restricted the SMS entry in the SharpTools Rule Engine to non international numbers though. I'll take a look tomorrow and if there's a restriction on Canadian numbers, I'll remove it. :grin:

Not sure there's a limit in that sense. I get lots of SMS from US based apps. It works fine. However, Canadians need to be cautious as they may get charged additional fees for text messages from US carriers. I don't personally have to worry because I have a package that allows unlimited because I'm from the US and text friends and family.

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I just wanted to circle back that US and Canada numbers should both be supported by our provider and the SharpTools Rule Engine UI limits sending to +1 country code numbers so you should be good to go. :smiley:

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And it has the sms limit of 10 per day? :thinking:

The SharpTools Rule Engine? No - no limit at this time.

Just don't go crazy with it. :stuck_out_tongue: At some point, we will probably establish soft limits based on reasonable usage... (eg. Like how T-Mobile only limits like the top 1% of data usage)

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:joy: just asking, thanks

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I have noticed that the documentation/apps show two methods of putting the phone numbers in as +1xxxyyyzzzz and +1(xxx)yyyzzzz. I will look as see if I can get screen shots, but it is not consistent. It also took me a while to figure out that the '+' character must be specified.

Somehow i configured my phones to be enrolled and notified.
Yet today - when i go to where i thought i put in my actual phone number - all i see is "my name phone" and "Wifesname phone" - no where to check that their numbers are correct or how to change them to a new number.
Was there an HSM update that somehow did away with where we typed in our numbers? or am i just not looking in the right place? thanks in advance for any tips on where to see how and where i added our two phones to hubitat since i can no longer see the above input fields to actually type in their numbers... hmmmm ?

@keithwinnfl Builtin SMS messages went away in the last update. It was announced a few months ago. Twilio is a HE built in app where you can add SMS. It requires a paid account but you can have lots of monthly messages.

Thanks - pretty cool! less than a penny a msg. cool.
its just odd how in my gui - our two phones show up by name... guess that's a result of the discontinuation..
Setting up Twilio Looks a bit like setting up the pushover account i did with tokens etc ... - and Twilio will send true SMS messages, where Pushover sends msgs to its own app on our phones.
if i have the above right - a BIG THANKS!

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I don't do many messages and my cost for the year is likely to be less than $15.

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If you have a RPi or any other computer running Linux/Unix, you can use this integration from @erktrek and send all the SMS messages you want for free.

Works really well and you're not restricted to a single recipient phone number or a limited number of message; I've been using it for the last month or so.

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