Selecting Sources with a button

So I'm new to Hubitat, looking for a little direction here:
I have integrated my Monoprice Amp into Hubitat and can control the on/off function, volume control with switch or use music player. Within the music player the next/previous track button can be used to change the source, next takes you from source 1 to 2 all the way to 6 then nothing happens. FYI the Monoprice amp is a whole house audio system with 6 sources. Looking to be able to have a button that when pushed will change the source, it can be done within the device, I am adding screen shot and here is the link to the app:

if you clicked on Source# (third and second to last rows), does it change the source on the amp?

Yes, just trying to do that with a rule or anything on a dashboard. I can do this within SharpTools.

you can create a rule to run a custom command, then when you select the device, it'll give you those options. you can have the trigger be a virtual switch/button, and place that on your dashboard to change your source from your dashboard if you want