MonoPrice 6 zone Whole home amp Driver



I'm wringing this diver to control the Monoprice 6 zone Amplifier is work in progress i will love some feedback if you have one off this devices it use a Raspberry pi and a USB to Serial adapter, and telnet communication to the hub

Update 02/05/19 parent/child approach is post it


This looks very interesting to me. I am currently moving over many devices to my new hub. I am wondering if this could work on a windows home server or a VortexBox (Fedora Linux).


I don't think there's any problem running the script in windows or any Linux distribution, is written in python, if you can run python and install pyserial package I think that is the only package that does not come in the basic installation of python, you will have to change the serial port in the script to wherever port you will be connecting to the Amp. Give it a try and let me know if you need any help. now im trying writing a better driver for the hubitat hub im using parent/child approach still a lot to get this to were I want it.