See which of my Zigbee devices are repeaters?

Hey, all. Is there a way to see which of my Zigbee devices are repeaters? I have a strong Z-Wave mesh but not much of a Zigbee mesh. I'd been going based on the heuristic that all mains-powered Zigbee things are repeaters, but I recently read that Sengled bulbs may not be. So I might have few or no repeaters. I'd like to be able to definitively tell from looking at something in my hub's web interface which of my Zigbee things are repeaters. Is there a way to see this information, either natively or with an app?

Thank you!

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You can see repeating devices that are connected directly to the hub using the endpoint:


Every device under "Neighbor Table Entry" is a repeater connected directly to the hub. That table will not contain repeaters connected to the hub via another repeater.

Or, you can get an xbee3 and map out your zigbee network.


No Sengled bulbs function as repeaters, which is why some people like them. In my experience, they have oddities that make them less desirable for use in my house at least. Some Sengled plugs also do not repeat btw.


The majority of mains powered zigbee devices repeat, but as @Ken_Fraleigh not all sengled plugs repeat... I have a couple of the newer ones that do though. Here are the ones I have

general rule, if it has a plug/power supply, it's a repeater. Not 100% tho, ex. sengled bulbs. And some older ziggbee bulbs are repeaters, poor ones at that, that will screw up your mesh.
All battery devices are not repeaters, it would kill the batteries very quickly

Yeah, I'm probably about to buy these. Cheap, from a brand I already like, and they both repeat and report power. This seems like a good way to build out my Zigbee mesh; maybe I'll be all Inovelli/Z-Wave for lighting and all Zigbee for other stuff.


I do all Lutron Caseta for switches (they're tanks), lifx for the occasional table lamp but have pico's on pedestals next to them, and then a mix of everything else.

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My question is why isn't this a function in the settings part of the hub?

There are a lot of ends like that available. Too many available in the settings menu would just make a mess of things. All stuff like this is in the documentation...

See here

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Is there a similar command for zwave?

Z-wave is a bit more comprehensive within the settings menu. In the case of z-wave, all mains powered devices are repeaters, battery powered devices are not. You can look at your z-wave details page to see the routes of all your devices.

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If you really want a similar endpoint, there is <hubIP>/zwaveNodeInfo. However, for Z-Wave, pretty much all of the useful stuff is already available from the Z-Wave Details page in the GUI, so I'd just go there.

It should also be noted that the Zigbee endpoint won't (necessarily) show you all repeating devices, just which ones the hub knows are repeating (because it can see that). An Xbee or third-party mapping tools may show more, but even then I think you'll just get a picture of what that device can see. To my knowledge, there isn't any way on the hub to see 100% of this picture in all cases. But, as mentioned above, the rule is generally that mains- or USB-powered devices are repeaters, while others arent. Sengled bulbs and first-gen Sengled plugs are two notable exceptions, and the Hampton Bay/King of Fans ceiling canopy controller is the only other one I know of. There are probably more--it's not as strict of a world as Z-Wave--but I'd be surprised if most people have one. :slight_smile:


You can also use Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details from Hubitat Package Manager

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Will this work on a C4?

Honestly I'm not sure but it should... Install hubitat package manager and see.. It will either run or not.


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Is that from installing z-wave mesh details or trying to install hubitat package manager?

Installing, then running the zwave tool, occurs on run mesh details.

Then it may require a C5 and above...

No, the Z-Wave endpoint and the "new" Z-Wave Details page are only available on model C-7 or later. (This hub has both newer Z-Wave hardware and a different implementation compared to previous models.)

The community app mentioned above relies on at least the node info endpoint but possibly also the new Details page and will not work on earlier models, either. As nice as Hubitat Package Manager is, I think it's also nice to know where the app "really" came from or where to read more about it, and that's here: [BETA] A Z-Wave Mesh Tool [C7 and 2.2.4+ Only]