Schlage z wave lock

My schlage z wave lock has been doing pretty good for awhile. Today though I can not lock it or unlock it via dashboard or by device settings. If I put in my code at the lock, it will unlock and show unlocked on the dashboard. I can lock it and it shows locked. I have rules setup to lock after 3 mins. It's been working great. Today I get a notification the rule executed but the door did not lock. I've removed the batteries and replaced them. Same issue. This lock is only 10 feet from hub however I have added a z wave extender. I also have setup where Hubitat will poll the lock every hour. What is going on? I've also noticed today thing have really slowed down. I rebooted my router and hub. No difference. HELP!!!

There have been a few reports of Schlage Connect (BE469/BE469) problems lately. Staff have stated they have plans to address these problems in a future firmware update with a dedicated driver for the lock. That being said, I'm not sure the exact problems this aims to address--adding lock codes seem to be one: Adding user lock code failed on schlage lock

The rest might be a separate issue. Are any of your Z-Wave repeaters beaming devices? (Check their Z-Wave Alliance certification document if you're not sure.) Have you run a repair since adding/moving any?

I also don't think you should need to poll the Schlage, though I doubt once an hour is going to cause any problems. For the slowdowns, is there any reason to assume it's specifically lock-related? Do you have any custom apps or drivers? Do you see lots of errors (or just excessive logging or anything else worrisome) in your live (or past) logs?

You mention adding user lock codes. I did that yesterday. I'm going to remove that code and see what happens.

I have 1 Aeotec Range Extender 6.

You may need as many as 3 or 4 range extenders for now according to Adding Aeotec Range Extenders has made my BE469 and FE599 locks reliable

Also, yes, lead hubitat devs have confirmed there is an issue that will be addressed in the next major release coming in a matter of days/weeks it sounds like according to this post in the thread Adding user lock code failed on schlage lock

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I use the lock code manager. I was able to setup a new code and that's when I started having issues. I e been trying to delete it but the job always fails. Anyway if removing this?

Try deleting the code directly from the device page for the lock. I've found that works when LCM is unreliable.

If I knew where to delete from. Don't see a place.

Where it says "Delete Code"

I tried deleting from here And nothing happens. Tried using code and code position

I noticed you have lock code encryption turned on. I keep that turned off on mine as I noticed things were a bit flaky when I had it turned on initially. It might be worth a try.

Also - I suggest opening up the hubitat log page in a new tab, and then hitting "Configure" on the lock you are having issues with. You should see the lock fetching all of the codes via the log file. If this isn't happening, then there may be an issue with the Hub communicating with the lock. Rebooting the hub, disconnecting and reconnecting the battery in the lock, and adding repeaters like the Aeotec Z-Wave Repeater specifically, can help.

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It looks according to your screen shot the State Variable "fetchCode:" Should state 30 along with the "codeFetchComplete" showing "1" like the one I posted....I would agree with @craigspree comment, definitely try configuring the lock again. If it doesn't get all 30 you may have to click the "get codes" and watch the logs until it fully configures all of them.

I turned off the encryption and now see my codes. I don't see a number for the one I created yesterday.

This is the only thing that shows in the log when I hit "Get Codes"

fetchLockCode- 1

starting code fetch, trying to fetch code

Nothing after that.

To me that points to your lock is getting a weak signal for communication (IMO) and would agree with craig again on adding extenders/amplifiers as this is what should happen about every second.

For the time being you should be able to still accomplish this by bringing the hub directly next to the lock and hitting configure, it should automatically get codes but if not you can select get codes. ALSO, a helpful tip would be to "shutdown hub" (not reboot) and when the light turns red pull the power cable for 30 seconds performing a power cycle before doing this (much better success rate with that)

I do have one zwave extender between the lock and the hub. The lock itself is only about 10 feet away. I added the extender about a month or so ago and haven't had any issues till yesterday when adding a new code.

I dont want to side track this lock convo but this is semi relevant. I know with Zigbee I can look at the lqi and RSSI logs to see my signal strengths, is there something similar for z-wave diagnostics? I bought some of those 2 in 1 old iris plugs that act as a zigbee repeater and secondary z-wave repeater and want to make sure they are working properly?

I would try the hub power cycle then, and see if you are able to configure/get codes after it restarts.

Ya I rebooted the Hub a few hours ago. When I get home, I will pull the batteries again and see if I can get codes.

Rebooting doesn't do what I'm referring to with a "shutdown hub", pull the power cord for 30 seconds and restart.

Ok I will kill power when I get home. I"ll keep ya posted on my findings