Schlage lock survey

Not an actual survey (since I don't see survey option). But my understanding is Hubitat doesn't have any visibility really on what devices we all have, which, fine. But, I had a thought yesterday that I wonder if all of us with Schlage lock problems have anything in common.

Such things as:

  • Did we all start with Wink and use our Schlage locks with it?
  • Did we all use ST before HE with our Schlage Locks?
  • If we used ST, did we use rboy app/driver?
  • What other Zwave devices do you have on your mesh?

Basically I'm wondering if there's any chance either Wink or ST might have set some variable on the lock that's preventing proper operation in HE, or do we all have some device(s) that might be corrupting traffic to/from the lock?

Maybe a feature request, HE support, would be some ability to submit a "support file" that includes what devices we have in our mesh(s), drivers, etc.


I'll start off.

I started with Wink 1, and had issues with my Schlage locks draining batteries (was a well known Wink bug). Moved to Wink Hub 2, and then ST and the rboy app/driver. Now to HE.

For other mesh devices, I have a mix of Zwave and Zwave plus devices. Zwave devices in range of my most troublesome lock are a Jasco/GE Zwave Plus outdoor outlet (possibly also a regular non-zwave plus one as well), a GE Zwave Plus dimmer, a couple Zooz Zen27's, 2 Aeotec Zwave Extenders, and I think that's it.

This makes me want to model out where each device is on a map of my house. lol.


There is a survey option. Click the gear icon in the Reply box and select build survey.

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Thanks. Sadly doesn't let people add options, so letting people say "I've got this device" would require modifying the poll each time. =/ But might not be a terrible option... thinks

My system/network has changed so much since I was on SmartThings that any comparison between then and now (on Hubitat) would be totally irrelevant.

If you are interested, you will find there was a thread (I was a participant) where we found we could save some parameters from the ST driver and then switch back to the HE driver and the experience was improved. I think srwhite may have made the discovery (my apologies if I have that wrong - this is by memory and it was a good while ago). This was last year prior to the Hubitat Team working over the common Schlage drivers. I don't believe it is really relevant to today except that it is the closest thing I can think of to what you are exploring.

The concern I have is more that Wink or ST drivers set some parameter in the lock that HE isn't aware of, etc. So it wouldn't matter how much Zwave changes. The additional problem is a factory reset of the lock specifically does NOT reset the zwave module in the lock. =/

An exclude should, but who knows. Schlage could be doing something dumb... =/

Anyway, just a thought. Trying to figure out what the heck we're missing regarding these locks and their behavior in HE. =/

You can use the basic z-wave tool to poll the parameters configured in the device.


Yes, I recall this thread. =/ Tried it, and still having issues. I'm trying to avoid spending several hundred on new Yale locks (my one Yale lock works amazingly well)

Seems to do nothing with the lock. Commands return no results. =/

It is in the logs not on the driver view

okay. will look more. that said, that wasn't really my goal of this thread... =/

You totally miss my point . . . again.

lol. no, I didn't. you're saying this is a fruitless exercise. fine. For you, this seems pointless. Then don't bother answering. I thought maybe we could find some commonality that HE doesn't have the time or manpower to explore. You know, try to help.

I tried my 3 Schlage Z-Wave locks on HE but had to many issues. Moved them back to ST and use HubConnect to sync them to HE.

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I started with a Schlage FE469NX on a Wink Hub 1 in mid-2016. It paired very easily but battery life was awful. I upgraded to a Wink Hub 2 in December 2016 and battery life actually got worse. If memory serves, the lock was running FW version 7.2 and Schlage support replaced the lock summer 2017 with a unit running FW 8.1 because of the battery life issue. Schlage didn't want the old lock back and It sat in a drawer for 6 months.

I replaced The Wink 2 Hub with an HE hub in December 2018 and paring was very difficult; odd given that I had very few z-wave devices when I added the lock to Wink compared to a much larger and stronger z-wave mesh when I added it to HE. I also paired the "defective" lock running FW 7.2 to the HE hub. I had similar pairing issues but eventually got it paired. Strangely, the battery life problem has been a non-issue with the HE hub. And both locks, once paired, have been rock solid.

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There was definitely an issue with Wink and the battery life on the Schlage locks. They worked with Schlage for months trying to resolve and finally did. But never said what the issue was... I believe I heard it was just polling a lot (chatty). Which... kinda sounds like the HE issue some of us have.

This is good info, thank you.

I just migrated from wink 2 hub took me 3 days. Very interesting I had to take my hubitat elevation to the door to get it included. Very strange I am also using aeotec 7 extenders.

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This sounds like it's pretty common, especially for anything that is secure pairing.

Started on Wink 1, then 2, now habitat. Schlage be469 locks are solid. Look at the video below, I did what it said and haven't had any issues.