Schlage Encode WiFi updates to trigger action?

I'm new to Hubitat, so new that it's still on it's way, along with some Z-Wave switches to start with. I plan on using Hubitat to enable the Z-Wave switches and link with Alexa for some voice-control automation. I'm excited for future options too, but starting small at the moment as a proof of concept.

I've been searching, but can't seem to find an answer (or a straight forward "it won't work").

The one thing that I really want is to turn on/off the lights when the maid unlocks/locks my Schlage Encode WiFi lock. I get an alert to my phone (which is running the Schlage app) when this happens, and I'm wondering if Hubitat can also receive that notification in some way? Does the virtual contact in Hubitat receive updates like this, or is it just for triggering Alexa routines?

If this doesn't work with WiFi version of the lock, could it work with the Z-Wave or Zigbee version of the lock?


you can't connect that lock directly to hubitat since it's wifi. You could use alexa and some virtual switches, this is not ideal though,

Welcome aboard! Hubitat Elevation doesn't work with the Wi-Fi model, if you are within the return window, or can replace existing lock, I recommend the Zigbee version for best experience.


Do you have an Android phone or tablet and the Tasker app by chance?

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At this time, the word "Wifi" tends to mean "Cloud" and that pretty much always means no public API. The communications between the lock and the Cloud will be SSL (encrypted) and thus decoding traffic to reverse engineer an API would be a challenge.

So... to summarize: it's not the "WiFi" that prevents it working with Hubitat... there are plenty of WiFi devices connecting. It's not the "Cloud" that prevents it working with Hubitat... there are plenty of Cloud integrations that work. It's the lack of an API that is preventing it from working.

WiFi --> Cloud --> Proprietary API

Thus seeing "WiFi" becomes shorthand for "Nope, doesn't work."


Thanks for the recommendation on the Zigbee version. I'm well outside the return period, but I'm willing to buy a new lock if that's the best solution, and it sounds like it might be.


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I have an Android tablet that I could leave at the house all the time, if that's the thinking. I'll look into the Tasker app too. Thanks for the suggestion!

If you decide to look for a different lock, check out the following post for other popular locks that work with Hubitat Elevation:

Yeah, I've had similar issues with my Infinity thermostat. They want $500 for the developer kit, but I don't really have the time to spend to write some custom code to geofence the thermostat to make the $500 worth while. I totally get the propriertary API thing. The Zigbee lock is listed as working, and others on this thread have recommended it, so I'll look for it after my Hubitat arrives (hopefully tomorrow). Since I already have the WiFi lock, I hope the Zigbee version will be a quick swap.

Thanks for the link to the compatible devices list and the poll so I can see what other people are using. I'll definitely consider those locks.


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I have Schlage z-wave lock and a Hubitat rule setup that turns on the lights whenever the cleaners enter their door code. They normally finish in 1.5 to 2 hours so the rule also turns off the same lights in 2.5 hours if they finish before the lights would normally come on for the evening. Works great!

That's awesome to hear! I'm looking for a new Schlage Z-Wave or Zigbee lock now.


That is exactly the thinking. Using the tablet that is always at home should be a little more reliable & quicker using local Maker API but you could use your phone with cloud Maker API URL. I have a couple of Tasker Profiles that use the local Maker API URL when connected to my home Wifi and the corresponding cloud Maker API URL when not.

Be469 zigbee or z-wave

I decided to go with the BE469 Z-Wave because that's what my local Home Depot had handy. I've already got its key cylinder out, ready to swap with the Encode's, and when my Hubitat arrives tomorrow I should be good to go.

Thanks everyone!

Please be aware that some people have really hard time with the Z-Wave model, that's why Schlage is not on the Compatible List of devices. Many have better experience with the Zigbee model.

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Make sure you pair it within 3 feet of the Hubitat and add a beaming repeater such as the ring v2 as close as you can

The Hubitat will be probably within 10 feet and there will be a light switch on the floor below it, so hopefully that's enough, but if there are issues I'll see what I can do -- thanks for the heads up.

I've seen conflicting opinions on that, and went with what was in stock immediately (my inner two-year old wanting instant gratification). If the Z-Wave doesn't work, I'll try the Zigbee one (I'll just have to look harder for someone that sells it).

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It needs to be paired within 3 feet because of the whisper security transition.