Most Popular Locks elevated by Hubitat in 2021

We are continuing the "Year in Review " series with the Most Popular Lock that works with Hubitat Elevation. Please vote for your favorite device.

If your favorite device is not on the list, then select "Other" and drop a comment below, to share which device is your favorite.

  • Kwikset Home Connect 700 series (Z-Wave)
  • Kwikset Smart Locks (Zigbee)
  • Yale (Z-Wave)
  • Yale (Zigbee)
  • August Pro Lock (Z-Wave)
  • Alfred DB2 (Z-Wave)
  • Other (add comment below)

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*for a complete list of compatible locks, check out the "List of Compatible Devices ". Our engineers have tested 23 different models (see Lock under "Device Type" column).

Most of us have Schlage. Mine have been rock solid. (3 BE469's) No longer officially supported obviously


Ditto. A few hiccups occasionally. But overall I am pleased with them.


2 Yale ZigBee locks since I started with ST. Never ever a problem and great battery life.


These are the two I have. Got them on clearance at home depot and I love them!

Way better than the keyvo/kwikset Bluetooth combination the builder installed. I agree, very solid functionality. Very few issues that usually self correct quickly. I actually have them running on my ring hub because I like having cameras,security, locks on one screen but I have it all eventually connected to Alexa and hubitat through the unofficial Ring Connect app for HE.

Schlage (zigbee). Schlage zigbee locks are supported by HE and work great! It sometimes seems that Schlage locks are assumed to always be a zwave lock, but their zigbee locks are great.

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Thanks for your feedback, currently, there are no Schlage locks listed on Compatible Devices List. But that might change soon :wink:


Sure, I understand their is no specific driver for a Schlage Zigbee Lock (the model I have is BE468GBAK), but I just use the "Generic Zigbee Lock" driver and I have full functionality. Updates to lock status feel like they are instant and Lock Code Manager works fine. I would definitely say the lock is compatible even though there is no specific driver for it.

What is the actual criteria for a device making it on to the "Compatible Devices List"?


Generally, devices on the Compatible List have been tested by our engineers and they performed as expected.

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I just checked my amazon order history and I bought the lock in March 2019, so I am going on 2 plus years of using the lock. Never had a problem with it, it is used multiple times per day and the 4 double a batteries last forever (well over a year, with multiple daily usages). I just checked my device page for the lock and I have it in use by 3 different RM rules, 3 dashboards, and Lock Code Manager. Never had a single hiccup with anything.

I understand you can't add a device to the compatibility list based on the experience of a user. But I humbly request, you look into adding this device as Schlage is a well known name brand in locks that many users will consider.

Having said this, if you did list the Schlage zigbee lock as compatible, many users would probably mistake the listing as a compatibility with the Schlage zwave lock as the model numbers are very similar. Probably lead to a lot of confusion.

Users' experience matters, both Z-Wave and Zigbee variants of Schlage locks have actually been tested and they performed as expected. However, they have been removed because of the different firmware versions that Schlage has released, some of which work better than others. It was this inconsistency and the multitude of reports we received from customers that resulted in the removal of Schlage locks.


Maybe an add to the list with Caveat: Must have 8.0 or above firmware and paired within 3 feet of the hub as a sub category of the compatibility list.... (Call it the voodoo category :rofl:)


Ended up replacing my 2 Schlage locks with Yales due to the massive battery drain encountered. Never looked back as the Yale's have been perfect.

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I had a Kwikset 909 from before my home automation journey (ca 2015). I got a Z-wave card from eBay that turned it into a Kwikset 910. I used that with ST and now Hubitat. Works just fine. The only problem I have is when I ignore the red battery light and the lithium batteries just one day decide they're done. :rofl:


I use the Kwikset 910. I have 3 of them. I guess Iā€™m happy with them. I just wish they supported S2. Iā€™d prefer them not to be S0, but it is what it is.

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I have 3 Weiser SmartCode ZW+ locks (Kwikset parent company) which work well with HE with one caveat.
They always link at 9.6 - 40K and have horrible RTT times; usually 2000-10000 ms.
I have Aeotec 6 repeaters placed a few meters away but all 3 locks just refuse to use them.

Haring the Loqed doorlock which works great. Implementation only via API though.

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Try to move the repeaters further away from the lock. Because of the limited hops that an end device can jump through, it will pick the repeater in range that is closest to the hub but furthest from the end node.


Thanks, will try that. Seems there is always a comment about these repeaters not really being engaged by local devices. I know, Black Art.

I've found that my locks like the Ring v2 repeater over my aeotec 6's

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