Most Popular Locks elevated by Hubitat in 2021

Uh, what? Did I miss the memo? :wink:

I have always used Yale - from Z-Wave to Zigbee and as of last spring a Kwikset Zigbee. For me and my clients (primarily Yale) Zigbee has been the most trouble free. In deference to @SmartHomePrimer's setup and comments though Z-Wave once paired also works well.


Kwikset Z-Wave 910 and 912 from 2015. They just work, so I haven't had any reason to change them out.


I've been using the Schlage Zigbee (BE468GBAK) for nearly a year now and am very happy with it.

@Chuckf Still on the same batteries? I know mine last over a year.

Same batteries. According to the devices, they are at 96% and 98%. The lower percentage is the door we use more often. I have a few automations based on them including checking that doors are locked, alerts when they're not and they should be, and turning on lights when unlocked between sunset and sunrise, among others.

I don't use the physical keys with them.

My lock is a Nuki Smart Lock 2.0. I believe that it’s not common to see one at the US, since, AFYK, it’s oriented to the European market.

Not officially supported imby HE but I wrote an integration app & drivers. It works but I need to be honest: it needs a total overhaul - my first and so far only experience in developing to HE and I know that I can do better.

ZigBee Kwikset 914 Third set of lithium batteries in so many years. Locked and unlocked at least 6 times/day.

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I've tried Schlage, Yale, and August. The Yale has short battery life and a weaker motor, the August has short battery life, Schlage has been the best so far and has been very responsive most of the time.

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I replaced some schlage zwave Plus locks for four Yale ZigBee locks ( the keyless ones). Been a year so far and still going strong on original batteries


Danalock Z-Wave. Works really well.

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Agree with @Stephan.J. I have 2 Schlage Zigbee locks and they work great and no issues for several years. Batteries last a long time too. My only concern with the compatibility device list is Schlage’s model numbers as it is very confusing which one is which. I have only seen the Schlage Zigbee offered on Amazon.



I use the Schlage BE469ZP Z-wave Plus lock. This lock has an ANSI Type I security rating which is superior to the Type II ratings of many of the other smart locks. I admit that it is not the easiest lock to pair with Hubitat, but it does work.


I have 3 Schlage BE468ZP locks that are great. Pairing was a challenge with two of them, and Hubitat created ZW ghosts for them that would not delete… but later Hubitat firmware fixed it. Ghosts now deleted, locks are great look great and Schlage warranty is better than most.

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Likewise, here. Z-Wave. Mostly a nice lock, works well, but sometimes has had Z-Wave problems. Haven't really seen those for a while, though.

Our two Schlage Connects are on Zwave, and batteries seem to last forever. I use rechargeable batteries and swap them out every six months for good measure, but I suspect they'd last more than a year - even on a door we lock/unlock multiple times a day. It's great that swapping out batteries doesn't require tools.

I also bought a Kwikset Obsidian because it looks very nice from the outside. But as I learned, it only looks good from the outside. The functional design is a bit poor. It uses batteries much faster than the Schlage, and it's a hassle to swap batteries.

All three locks work great with Hubitat. I need to check if the locks communicate to the hub who unlocked the door as I have ideas for rules to run if it was one of the kids coming home from school.

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Its possible, but who really knows? I have always thought it would be beneficial for users to share anonymous usage data with Hubitat. This would allow Hubitat to easily provide an automatic answer to the title of this thread. If 80% of locks that are connected to HE happen to be Schlage, it might encourage HE to better support this brand. As it is right now, no one really knows this percentage. I love and appreciate the privacy that HE provides to its users, but I personally would have no problem sharing the devices I use with HE, with the HE development team.

This reminds me when I first started out on my HE journey (spring 2019), I considered various options for a smart thermostat and settled on the Honeywell T6 zwave. It was from an existing maker of thermostats, it didn't look any different from their other thermostats in the same line (even used the same base plate). For me it was easily the first choice.

I had great difficulty trying to get it to work well with my HE, tried porting over a ST driver (there was no HE driver at the time) and received some help from this forum. At the time no one on the staff of HE seemed familiar with the thermostat, I remember watching a Hubitat Live video, where Mike dedicated a portion of the video to smart thermostats and the various manufacturers making zwave and zigbee thermostats. The Honeywell was not even mentioned, this was surprising to me, as I thought the Honeywell would have been near the top. I think if HE had data on what thermostats users where connecting to their HE, the Honeywell would have been supported sooner. I belive this same process could benefit many other users, using many other devices.


I have been using my Nest Yale locks without any issues for several years. Now, considering how badly Google has screwed over us earlier Nest product owners (killing off the Nest Secure instead of integrating it with Google Home), I may still sell off my Nest locks at some point and purchase some Z-Wave/Zigbee locks for better integration with Hubitat and to future-proof my setup by not being locked into any single ecosystem.

That's crazy! (jealous) My 3 Yale SmartCode Z-Wave+ locks are done in weeks to a month or 2 for the least used. I went to rechargables to save the waste but they don't have as much ooomph as a non-rechargable.
Asside from lock design I think ZB uses a lot less juice. My ZB sensors are fine on batteries just chatting away without driving a motor.

@dnickel I use Tenavolt double a rechargeables. They have a built in bms to provide a constant 1.5v through their usable capacity, unlike most rechargeables that only provide usable voltage for about 20% of the capacity.

You have to use their battery charger but I got the big recharger and replaced all the batteries in my house with them.

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