Most Popular Locks elevated by Hubitat in 2021

This could be interesting but out of line with their policies I would think. I'm not sure if they would even be interested in collecting such data if for no other reason than appearences

Intersting. I did the same thing only EBL 1.5 Li 3300 Wh with a BMS. Project Farm did a great review but nothing is really that great Which "Lithium" AA Rechargeable Battery is Best? Let's find out! - YouTube

Frankly they seem to suck especially the black ones. One mV below 1.5 and they just turn off. You lock goes from reporting ok battery level and then 0. The Red ones seem to fare better as they don't seem to shut down at <1.5.

My locks report them at 15% when it's time to recharge them. Not sure what voltage that is but it was like that for about a week before I swapped them.

I'm in the minority with an August Smart Lock (zwave). The good thing about that model is that it also has wifi so you get the best of both worlds.

A couple of downsides are the zwave inclusion and WiFi onboarding was a huge pain in the ■■■ but once that is all set you never have to worry about it again. Also, as someone else mentioned, battery life isn't good but I just throw some rechargeable AAs and it'll last me 3 months. I mostly use it for status reporting so the motor isn't overworked in my case.

+1 on Schlage. have two of them (zwave Plus models) and they work perfect with HE.
Perhaps I am lucky though having access to the built in driver from when they were supported.

I also have been recommending the Schlage zigbee version for friends who are new to HE and they are using them great against the generic zigbee lock driver.

We didn't remove the drivers, they are still there for those who feel adventurous enough to try them out.


Schlage BE 469's No problem operating and using lock code manager with them.

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I had a Schlage at my last house and for the most part, had no issues with it. I am sure if I had used a repeater I would have had no issues at all with it. When my new house is finished being built, I plan on getting another Schlage for it. I was interested in the Yale as well but the styling of the lock does not match my handleset like the Schlage does.

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Get the zigbee version of Schlage, no issues there

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KeyWe GKW-2000D best z-wave lock for hubitat. The design is sleek and it works.

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I probably would but the Zigbee version doesn't have the alarm like the zwave version does. It isn't the end of the world but it is still nice to have.

one BIG point that I researched when I bought my Schlage was the durability, bumpproof, pickability of the lock.
Schlage at the time was the best at my price point.
Kwikset was very pickable also, so even thought I bought one, I returned it and bought two Schlages off Ebay.
They both looked and operated like new and had the keys.
I know locks have improved, but before looking at a lock, do some research on the vulnerability of the different brands, and don't just judge on price/features.
The features might actually make the lock less secure!


Yeah I agree with this - which is why I generally like the deadbolt / keypad only style like the Yale YRD256.

Of course that has it's own set of potential gotchas like having to leave the keyed entry knobs unlocked AND having to worry about any doors with glass panes as well.

Although I agree that things are getting better. "Bumping" is an interesting lock picking technique... very sobering to see how easily basic key locks can be opened this way...

Also what bumping may look like:

(@danabw demonstrating his groovy moves and awesome hair back in the 70's, probably)


Mostly looks like me, but I had much taller platform shoes!


boom boom... chik a boom...

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OOOOOO the bell bottoms too! Those were the days.....

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Never / Ever remember seeing pant legs rolled/cuffed up like that on bell bottoms.
Musta been a regional thing,

I installed August 4th gen lock (August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with community driver. Working fine so far for my garage door. Got YALE ZigBee for main door.

Has anyone developed a Loqed driver for HU?

There is a api for it, but I've never heard of it before now...

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