Schlage Connect Z Wave Door Lock

One of the most important parts of my home automation is my door lock. I have a Schlage Connect Z Wave lock. I've had this lock for over 9 months and working perfect on ST. For some reason, I'm having issues with HE and this door lock. One day it will work just fine, the next day nothing. I've rebooted hub and still nothing. Looking at the device, it also seems all my lock codes are gone yet in Lock Code manager, they are there. Hitting the Lock or Unlock from within the device does nothing anymore. Anyone else having issues like this or know of a fix for this?

battery : 100
codeChanged : changed
lock : unlocked
lockCodes : KJIPA2Z8E/FT9FXdxUtRMRRS3EVjGwjzgyMnlgp0bXQ5G4IEmHV0l+g+n0UV4GVs3uJyI2Wz7Xr7v/fdBZLdsJkhaFhplsblz/ml6InaYmWHFNLnKrs8ZYaYeLcAbcPNnXoSO9cMJI9MIK1Achjwwr7KFpOg/MIe0//IWVWI2Gg7Grig773UFYrpH/LUOb/vzwbo7Vf8JyI0njbVltH3ZY2Vkg+2iVi2yxfHecIv/vEj+kqQ4xPuMGJWlAT4YxxL
maxCodes : 30

Click the search magnify glass and type in schlage zwave lock, you'll find NUMEROUS posts regarding "hopeful" remedies and processes to follow.....this is a well known issue within HE, they are working on it.

I had the same issue. Very random flakiness with back door lock working for weeks then not working for days. Off and on. I bought a Aeotec Range Extender and I have not had one issue for over 6 months. Definitely solved my problem.

Good Luck!

Is this specifically a Z-Wave lock issue? My Zigbee Connect lock has been quite solid so far, though it has only been a couple of weeks. We (so far) only use it to trigger automations/mode changes when entering specific codes or manually unlocking.

Yes apparently zwave locks's the only issue I have had on this platform, Mine are semi-stable now after spending a full day re-pairing/configuring..... I'll patiently put up with this as my only frustration while they get it fixed, instead of the frustrations with my entire hub going down every day (sometimes multiple times per day) with Vera.

@zachdrewry, Installed the Range Extender. Not sure if it's working or not. Are there any lights on your when it's working? Believe this or not, I haven't been having any issues with my lock for a few days now.

It paired just fine but just wondering if there is suppose to be any lights on the repeater.

No, there are no lights. Once you pair it, you should 'repair z-wave
' found under settings and then give it some time (an hour or a day max) to tune the network and learn the new signal paths. I hope this fixes your issues. It definitely fixed mine.

I've had the repeater now for a week. Thought it was all working good till today. I have a rule based on presence. Everything works but door lock does not unlock.

@basic261 any update on your Schlage Connect z-wave/Hubitat integration?

I'm in the same boat as you (were in April 2019)...

I'm a longtime ST user. 90% happy, but in the last year the flakiness with its speed has resulted in me looking into local-processing options.

the wait for the cloud* roundtrip was becoming a deal breaker because my single most important smart home use case is the interaction of presence (home/away), HSM (SHM in ST parlance) modes, and locks. I've been trying Hubitat for the sole purpose of solving the cloud delay problem.

unfortunately for me, so far (about a month), it's not going well. I could write a lot about that, but as it pertains to this topic there are two requirements for my desired functionality that aren't being met:

  1. Hubitat struggles to interact and keep the correct state of my Schlage locks. it works about 70% of the time with one lock and about 10% with the other. ST, although slow 10% of the time, always (eventually) worked.

  2. [off-topic] presence. not only does Hubitat drain my iPhone 11 Pro battery, but, sort of more importantly, the presence has about 50% accuracy (I started a spreadsheet but the results were woeful enough that I stopped spending my time on it). I spent all day looking into that. I'm going to try a few things. fingers crossed.

anyway, for now, the promised speed of local processing has me committed to invest some more time.

wondering if you (or anyone else) ever solved this problem.

FWIW, here's what I've done so far:

  1. changed Schlage batteries out several times. even at 90% - 100% that hasn't helped.
  2. installed 2 Aeotec Range Extender 7's. Aeotec claims the 7s have 250% greater wireless range than the 6's. but maybe I should try the 6's.
  3. repaired the z-wave network via Hubitat. waited 24 hours. waited 72 hours. repaired it again. etc.

*there is no cloud. it's just someone else's computer(s).

@a59cebf9c6ecdfdb1516. Well I did want to say anything but since the last update, my lock has been flawless. About 2.5 weeks now.

that's great news. I wonder if my problem was older firmware or the Aeotec 7 repeaters aren't as good as the 6's even though they're supposed to be better.

For clarification, what update?

I can also confirm that since i bought and have let settle for a week or so 2 Aeotec 6 repeaters, my older Lock is as happy as my newer schlage z-wave plus model. Both are humming along very healthy.

It is a huge failure to have to buy repeaters for the DoorLock to work. I have the Schalage Door Lock and it doesn't really work if the Hub is at a medium distance. It seems absurd to have to buy repeaters that cost almost what the same Hub costs, when most Hubs on the market do not have that problem.

Hello @andresfcm

I'm not sure what your point is. If the solution to get these locks to work with Hubitat does not appeal to you, then you always have the choice of not using Hubitat.

BTW, Schlage locks are not on Hubitat's list of compatible devices. They were removed from that list more than 6 months ago because of issues with multiple different versions of Schlage's firmware.

That is not correct, with a search you can find LOTS of complaints on Smartthings and other hubs too. It is not isolated to Hubitat.

The locks have been problematic for some and not others. Nobody seems to know why people like me have zero issues, and others have a horrible experience. Everyone has a theory why this is, but nothing has been proven. I am not sure it is even firmware as mine are very old, but that is getting off topic a bit.

Repeaters, and building a strong mesh, are vital to the operation of Zwave. Having sufficient line powered devices which act like repeaters (in most cases) and also dedicated repeaters can only help the mesh.

Radio waves are weird things and it is hard outside of a lab to predict what will happen in your particular home. Device placement, metal objects (heating ducts etc) concrete, metal roof/siding, and interference from things like wireless landline phones, (and more) are all variables that may require repeaters or some experimentation to make things work consistently.


Well, I have tested: Smarthings, Vera, two zwave dongles under a Raspi3: ( Aotec Gen 5 and Nortek HUSBZB-1). Repetears are vital, I disagree, it depens of the size of your home. Radio waves are weird, but you can not have such a big issue with a vital part of a home wich is a door lock.

I can dig up the threads on Smartthings, Vera, Home Assistant, and other forums if you want me to. This IS a widespread complaint with Schlage Zwave locks. I have done extensive research trying to figure out why some users were having issues.

You don't have to believe me I guess, but I am going by what everyone on here says, AND by my personal experience. Mesh strength is important, and repeaters often do help or solve the lock problem no matter the size of your home.

I have close to 50 Zwave devices, well over half are line powered switches in a 1300 sqft home. And I still added repeaters. And they definitely helped make things work better.

My experience isn't unique here. I wouldn't have randomly added repeaters, other than the repeated recommendation on this and other forums to add repeaters to strengthen the mesh. I would rather have spent money on a device that "did something" like a switch or sensor than a repeater that "doesn't do anything".

It is my point of view as a customer and user of Hubitat and it is related with the topic of this forum. So I choose to express my opinion about the solution. You are right! They updated the list. I really tough it was going to work easily.

I'm sad to hear of this and what it could mean for other products to be dropped in the future. Technically, it could work but is not reliable enough for Hubitat to guarantee by showing on their list?

Schlage locks work reliably for some people and not for others. The reasons for this remain unclear. The same situation has generally not been observed for other z-wave locks.

I had two Schlage locks on Hubitat. They would well most of the time, but for something like a lock I prefer 100% reliability. So I swapped them out for Yale zigbee locks, which have been 100% reliable.

FWIW, my Schlage locks were not 100% reliable on Wink either.

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