Rule Machine disable / enable a device?

I’d like to have RM enable/disable a device — basically, I want my garage door opener disabled when in Away, Night, and Vacation modes, but enabled during Day and Evening.

Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this?

What do you mean with "disable"? If you mean "make not usable in Hubitat automations," then you could modify your rules (or whatever apps you're using) to not do certain things based on those conditions. It's not exactly "disabling" the device in that you could still navigate to the device page yourself, click Open, and have it do its thing, but it would certainly work if your goal is to just restrict automations. You can't literally disable a device as you might by enabling the "X" column and checking the box next to that device on the Device by any automated method--that's a manual method whose original intent was to help with troubleshooting, though you can certainly use it for whatever purpose you want. If you did want to do something like that, you could probably use a "virtual opener" device as a proxy with a rule or custom app to only send certain events to the "real" one under certain conditions, but I'm not sure I've heard of anyone doing anything like that.

If your goal is to completely disable the opener so that even a traditional garage door opener remote would not work, I don't know of an easy way besides putting your opener on a smart outlet and pulling (and restoring) power to that based on some other automation. I'm not sure most openers would really like getting power cut to them all the time, but I suppose it happens from time to time with power outages and whatnot and normally isn't a big deal. Still, if you depend on this being 100% reliable and it's your primary means of getting into the house, I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

Primarily, the issue is that I don’t want Alexa to be able to control it when in those modes.

The thought I had was the enable/disable function available within the Hubitat web interface.

Ah yeah, that's the one that I mentioned that is only available as a manual action. (EDIT: as below, you can fake this manual action via HTTP POST. There is no guarantee Hubitat will not change this in a future platform release, and the fact remains that the original intent of this feature was troubleshooting. An app/automation is the best place to handle any kind of restriction you might want to place on when something does or doesn't happen. Now, back to the rest of the issue...)

Does Alexa natively support garage doors? It didn't the last time I tried. I had to use virtual switches as workarounds. If it does, it should support password protection like it does for locks, or you could use a virtual lock to get the same functionality if it doesn't (don't have a garage door anymore so don't really know how this works now). If you are using a workaround like a virtual switch, it would be pretty easy to restrict any rule involving the virtual switch. Presumably you have something that triggers based on the switch turning on and opens the door. Just add a condition for mode/time/whatever and only do the actions if those are met.

Ok I sat down at a computer this morning it looks like it is disabled via an HTTP POST

POST HTTP://hubitat.local:8080/device/disable?id={ID}&disable={true|false}

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I'd like to do this with my ikea fyrtur blind. I dont want the "down" action to send a zigbee signal if the windows magnet is open.

Do i have to disable the whole device with a rule on the magnet then?

I am sure there are ways to disable the down signal from RM based on whatever controllers you have. But of you want to completely lock out a device you can use the POST to disable it