Rule Machine 5.1 Error 404 creating rules

I am setting up a new C-7, upgraded from to and cannot get Rule Machine 5.1 to work. Rule Machine 4.1 seems to work on When I click Create New Rule I get the error:

Error 404
App type with namespace: hubitat and name: Rule-5.1 has parent type that does not match current app

EDIT: Longer error from the log:

hubitat.exception.NotFoundException: App type with namespace: hubitat and name: Rule-5.1 has parent type that does not match current app on line 60 (method mainPage)

I tried:

  1. Reboot
  2. Shutdown, unplug, replug
  3. Soft reset in
  4. Rollback to, redo upgrade to
  5. Rollback to, soft reset, redo upgrade to
  6. Load reloadAppAndDriverDefinitions endpoint (shows "done" after a few seconds but no change)

Any ideas?

One thing I didn't see: try waiting a few minutes after updating (maybe 10?) to see if anything changes.

This user was also apparently able to solve with a soft reset and restore (presumably a backup before and update in between), but I suspect something else along the way was what really did the trick--though it can't hurt: Rule machine 404 during create

Is there some way to restore only devices from a backup? There is something in the database causing this. If I do a soft reset in and DON'T restore from backup, Rule Machine works, but I don't have any devices. Once I restore, Rule Machine breaks.

I solved this. I removed all the devices, did a soft reset, and re-added the devices, effectively starting from scratch.

Hello, I have the Same Problem. I Just installed the C8 Hub. I cannot create any new Rules.

As the Migration from C5 was not working, the Migration kept failing with an Error, I am wondering If Something in the Software is broken. I also have to keep resetting and adding Most If not all zigbee devices, because they keep becoming unresponsive one after the other.

Same error here. I am adding another hub "meshed" to my primary hub. Setup and meshing of the hubs went OK so did adding my devices. Adding the Rule Machine app worked but I get the same error as others in this post when I tried to create a rule.

I performed a soft reset and restore without removing my devices but that has not fixed the problem. I also hit the http://hubitat.local/hub/advanced/reloadAppAndDriverDefinitions endpoint and received the Done reply but it made no difference.

Do I really have to go through the exclude/soft reset/include process to fix this?

Might be good to tag @gopher.ny, who created that endpoint, to see why it doesn't seem to be doing what I think it was created to do. (That being said, waiting can also help if you haven't already tried--at least 15 minutes, I think, but longer won't hurt.)

@bertabcd1234 Many thanks for the reply. Tried more resets, hitting the http://hubitat.local/hub/advanced/reloadAppAndDriverDefinitions endpoint but nothing works. Maybe @gopher.ny can help?

Bump. This has to be a Hubitat bug - can any of the developers help here?

Hi, I have been able to solve this by doing a soft reset and restore of my Database. I also reverted Back to the earliest Firmware Version before the soft reset. However I cannot Test If this hast an effect.

On the downside this has broken Most of my zigbee devices again. This so called restore is Not so much a restore AS IT IS a Destroyer of zigbee devices.
For some reason, with the new Hub, I have huge difficulties with connecting zigbee devices again, once the have been dropped. And that Happens automatically one after the other and in Mass at each soft reset, Migration attempt Database restore.

So far I have no positive experience with the new C8

I have just gone through the following procedure:

  • Excluded all my Z Wave devices, I have no Zigbee devices.
  • Deleted all the backups.
  • Soft reset.
  • Reconnected the hub to my Hubitat account.

I can now create a rule, so it seems to have worked.

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im having the same issue. though i dont think this issue has anything to do with zigbee/zwave devices. The hub im experiencing this problem on, is my c7 hub which i only want to use for integrations, apps and automations. All my direct radio devices are sitting on my c8 hub and are just linked to this hub. I also tried a soft reset with restoring from backup and it didnt solve the issue.

I had to perform a soft reset and then not restore the backup, ie rebuild the hub again from scratch. I agree this is probably not linked to the Z Wave devices, it is just easier to exclude those devices while they are visible in the hub rather than trying to exclude "unknown devices" after the reset.

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I had this same 404 error and the soft reset via the Diagnostics tool worked to clear the problem, pushing the reset on the bottom of the hub doesn't fix it.