Rule for when ALL phones leave, not any phones leave

Trying to make a rule that will arm when my wife's phone AND my phone have both left but it seems that it is an OR and not an AND.

How do I make a rule in RM that would let me set it so that when both our phones are gone that the rule will trigger?

The tigger is if ANY phone leaves. The actions will be on a condition (If ALL phones are not present).

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Interesting.. I'll try that. TY!

RM only triggers on events, not conditions. So the rule can be triggered by the event of any presence sensor leaving. Then the first action would test the condition that all are gone.

Alternatively, Simple Automation Rules will 'trigger' on all presence sensors having left. "When everyone leaves".

I would encourage you to look at a couple community based presence apps, Combined Presence and Presence Plus. While they in and of themselves aren't a "rule", they help to regulate presence by combining presence sensors and people to determine if someone is home. It makes things much more reliable to do this combined method.

There are probably others, but I am most familiar with these two.

In addition to those, (or rather as part of one of those above) you can add Wifi presence, (phone present on your router WiFi for example), Owntracks, Life360, and other methods to get a more accurate picture of presence.

Lots of good presence apps in Hubitat Package Manager if you haven't tried that already.


Ah got it.. Great explanation - thank you!